Our first indoor grow..all different strains...

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    The CannabisCouple
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    Hello!!!! i wanted to give you a day 26 update..got some better pictures adjusted the lights...few are under the 1k, few under the 600w and bluberry is in another room under the 400.....enjoy the new pics..comment questions all welcome!!


    The CannabisCouple

    pic 1,2,4,5,6 grape ape...
    pic 3 and 7 bluedream
    pic 8-10 casey jones

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    more pics cont...

    pic 1-2 white widow
    pic 3 atf #1
    pic 4 atf #2
    pic 5 cherry ak 47 #1
    pic 6,7,8 strawberry cough
    pic 9 grape ape
    pic 10 cherry ak47 #2

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    more cont......

    pic1 purple voodoo
    pic 2 3 4 bubba kush x green candy
    pic 5 pineapple diesel
    pic 6 dj blueberry short

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  5. Lookin fantastic as usual! they are coming along nicely!!
    The purple voodoo looks like shes goin through some cal/mag deficiencies and possibly some heat issues?? what are your temps like in the flower room?
  6. All the plants are having issues with burns from spraying a miticide with an acidity level that was too high... Temps? Usually 78 or so.... some of the plants had no damage from the spraying..some like the Voodoo have no really recovered fully.. been seeing some stretching this week as our Fox Farm schedule called for a little bit of Grow Big.. I hope that with so many damaged leaves the buds will still thicken and grow.. we will see soon.. Thanks for the comment Green.. I'll be hitting your thread up right now to add some rep for ya.

    Mr. Cannabis... wifey is taking the little one's to school. ;0)
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    Oh I see. What miticide did you use and for what infestation? I'm curious as I just used a neem oil concentrate spray to help prevent further powdery mildew, but I didnt even think to worry about ph....:(

    and for the leaves Idk, on my first grow over 70 percent of my leaves fell off and it didn't destroy my yield..The product turned out quite nice too with all that light penetration

    Oh and BTW on your post!
    [​IMG] damn..... now theres some trichomes
  8. Hello, CC:wave:

    Nice journal you two have here, I'll be checking in:smoke:
  9. Hello and thank you.. we will try to keep you all posted!!

  10. Hey there ThaGreen.....Mrs. Cannabis here ;) Mr. Cannabis is loaded and sleeping lol

    Well it was Floramite that we used ... we had a nasty mite and egg problem (since then not 1 mite and not 1 egg has hatched) luv that product!!!!.......it was still to acidic tho when were made it, but didnt think it would effect it too much..but "floramite" was very clear in saying it needed to be ph'd 5-6.....it was off a little, and Purple Voodoo got hurt, and a few of other plants were slightly burned...
    yah we are still worried about the yield with not many "good" leaves...but still looks like it is cola-ing nicely...we will have to see...
    That pic above is my Grape...its a trip how many trics are there now...i cannot wait till both happen...this plant gets further along in flowering, and we get a better camera to document their growth better lol.

    Thanks for stoppin in...

    The CannabisCouple
  11. hey hey Green_hit...

    Thanks for checkin out your grow...next update this weekend ;)


    The CannabisCouple
  12. Wifey and I enjoyed this thread.Always have to support another cannibus couple lol.:smoke:

    Plants are definately on track, extreme sugar leaf for week 3. Impressive work for a 2nd grow:hello:

    Cant wait to see that DJ blueberry after 9 weeks *drool*

    Sub'd, good luck!

  13. Hey Hey there....
    this is the Mrs. here ;)
    Glad you and your "Mrs." are enjoying our thread, we appreciate you stopping by and subbin.
    plants are well, bulkin up, gonna take some pics on Saturday. The Grape Ape plant is so sugary its amazinggg (Hubbys fav).....
    i think im falling in love with my bubba kush x green candy...she is really starting to show her colors...i can "appreciate" a colorful plant
    the room is starting to smell down the hall way...
    today hits day 30 of flowering...i just may go take pics of the buds...just for "time line purposes" and post em 2night..i wont do the whole plant...so stay tuned.
    again thanks for stopping by!!!!


    The CannabisCouple

  14. PS.... Dj Short Blueberry started flowering while it was sick outside...she had mites so bad i just couldnt let her stay inside with my girls...(this was before my floramite and doktor doom was used) and she started flowering outside..on the 13th of sept... she apparently only "flowers" for 45-55 days from what i have read...so i have about 1 or 1/2 weeks left...exciteddddd...... pistols arent pink anymore but a pungent blueberry smell and she is sitting alone on the old washerroom under the 400 soakin in the rays.....and mite free i might add!!!
  15. This post made me so eager to see my grape later down the line... ahhh patience is not a virtue! lol
  16. Hey hey hey there....
    patience is NOT what I have...now the Mr. yah, he has it...im asking him all the time..in a few weeks let me get the bottom nugs to "try out" lol ... he thinks im just nutz...
    Grape Ape is going to be a major part of our next grow......ATF too maybe... tho i luv BUBBA X GREEN CANDY>(amazing pics from today to follow) i cannot find this mix strain out here anywhere which makes us wish we cloned her...but oh well....if i can find more "pineapple diesel" those have the thickest buds so far...well at least i think so lol... i may have Mr. edit this later or start a new post on here about our strains so far...Thanks for stoppin by...i too cant wait to see ur g-apes...... ;)


    The CannabisCouple
  17. hey hey hey all.....

    Just wanted for time line purposes do some bud shots of the girls today at "day 30"...i didnt do the whole plant...i did that 4 days ago..so i just thought i would share with you...they are getting lots of color, thick, and the trichs....ohhh dont get me started...u will see for urself..

    enjoy my bud shots...


    The CannabisCouple

    PICS IN ORDER.......
    8 ATF 1
    9 ATF 2

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  18. Hey hey hey ... more picssss.......

    1-2 GRAPE APE (PAPAS FAV) ;)
    3 CHERRY AK47 #1
    4 CHERRY AK 47 #2 (SHITTY PIC)
    6-7 CASEY JONES... (MOMMAS FAV) ;)


    The CannabisCouple

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  19. has anyone ever grown DJ SHORT BLUEBERRY.... i dont want to know about a cross u grown..i just need to know if you have grown it and with this flowering much faster than other plants...if you have no magnifying glass to look thru is there a way i can tell when its in "perfect condition" to pluck????i will try and take a few more pics and re--edit this if that would at all help in telling...today would be week 5 and 2days...so day 37 since flowering..it goes to 45/55days...maybe to early for me to know and maybe i will just know...
    just thought i would bounce it off you all since hubby isnt around at the moment..by the time our other plants are done we will have the mag glass to look at the trichs..
    but till then for my lil girl..wonder if she will tell me when she is ready lol..or just go to the full 55days...



    The CannabisCouple
  20. okay okay im just gonna wait 50 days lol for my blueberry

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