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  1. So it's Friday night at about 5:00 o'clock, me and my girlfriend had just come back with our alcohol for a party that was on at 8. So to waste time for 2 hours we started drinking some vodka with orange juice. Anyways a couple of drinks later, we are feeling pretty good, pretty tipsy and remember that we still had a small amount of weed left, 1-2 cones. We rip them and are feeling even better and decide to head off to this party. We get there and continue to drink all the rest of our alcohol, and begin to start craving weed.

    So we leave the party and its about 10:00 o'clock and walk to a new dealers house that we had yet to meet. We didn't even notice how long the walk was as we were pretty drunk. We get there about half an hour later and realise we had no money. So we go inside and tell the guy we will be back with money, and call a cab. We take the cab to a nearby shop, withdraw money, and take it back. Back at the dealers house we get the weed. He shows us his 5-chamber bong! A few cones later , we leave his house, and start walking down his street.

    Now this street is in the shady part of town, and there are Aboriginal people everywhere especially at night. This town is also extremely racist and being white, we felt quite out of place and a very scared. So we are walking along and had past about a sea full of aboriginals and surprisingly they didn't seem that bad. They would usually ask for a lighter or something and just let us go on our way, honestly they were no bother at all, very polite. Anyways we walk to this little park and decide it's time to toke :) we sit down and smoke out of a pipe for a bit. Once we were done we left and continued walking down this road when an aboriginal walks up to us and asks for a lighter. I give him the lighter and we start walking and talking. He was baked and everything was chill. Then we get on the topic of rollies and decide to see if I can roll one. So randomly we sit down in the middle of the road, baked/drunk off our faces and start rolling cigs. Mine failed but this guy was a pro at it. After sitting there for ages he asks us if we wanted to go to his uncles for a bit. Randomly we say ok to this complete aborignal stranger who looks around 30 and we walk down this dark road to this uncles house. When we get inside we see 3 more aboriginals and a white guy sitting at this table all what look to be around 30-40 years old with beer, a bottle bong (with water in it blacker then them) and weed. They tell us to sit down and hand us each beer and nicely offer us some bong hits (we take them) ,they were more friendly than any white person we had ever met!!!. Now as this was all happening, we were really drunk and really baked we had done so much weed, cos well it was all free!.

    20 mins later i started shaking a bit mainly due to the fact that it was really cold, but i had also had way to much. So the oldest one in the room, which was the uncle, tells me to chill coz he said that i was looking freaked. But i wasn't iI was just smashed. Then he proceeds to stand up and he tells me to come with him and we walk into the other room and then into the bathroom, with me standing right next to him while he was pissing. and was telling me how i should just relax. Now at this point I was just thinking what the fuck.... We go back to that table and sit there for quite a while longer. We were still drinking and they were still offering us bong hits, i stoppped but my girlfriend kept going and after just two more ripps out of the bong my girlfriend was so smashed she couldnt sit up straight and just ran out the house and out onto the road she vomits and passes out she was fucked. So I'm sitting with her shitting myself and eventually we calll a cab and get her into a it and go home.

    We woke up with really bad hangovers, thinking what a crazy night we had... we go to a party walk to a dealers smoke a 5-chamber bong with him ,leave, walk through over 100 aboriginals, toke some more at a park, meet a random aborignal on the street , do rollies in the middle of the road with him, go back to his uncles house talk,drink, and smoke bongs with them and go home smashed , WHAT A NIGHT!
  2. Haha that was a funny ass story.

  3. Thanks :smoke:
  4. got any more killer Stories :)
  5. Are you from aus?
  6. Im not trying to take the piss but that's a average night for some.

    Your lucky you didnt pass out. Who knows ... good to hear you said no to more cones.

    Nothing worse than being really fucked up in a strange environment !!!

  7. Yeh I sure am

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