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  1. Why the hell do we have to start the calender when this guy only a fraction of the world believes in is supposedly born. If it were up to me it would be past the year 4,000,000,000 already. Or start the calender on the first recorded event that we know of maybe. anyways I just think being in the year 2009 is lame.
  2. it's just a reference for time. we don't know exactly how old the earth is. so we base it off a known date. so we can see where we are, and how long ago something happened. and that way everyone is on the same schedule.
  3. I just think it's stupid how we start the calender on a mythical figures birth, and to add to that we don't even have a year zero it goes from 1bc to 1ad. I think it's time for a worldwide update.
  4. How would we have a year zero?
  5. If this was the year zero then the date would be 12-17-0 A stopwatch doesn't start at 1 second does it? Babies aren't 1 year old when they're born are they?
  6. The very fact that there are different systems of measuring time should indicate that time isn't real and doesn't mean shit.

    Everyone can agree on a certain measurement and as long as they decide to use it, it is legit. That's all this agreement on the roman calendar is. Just an agreement.

    It really doesn't matter what year we call it now because it is almost 100% plausible that we are wrong about our estimated ages of the world. Infinity is very long ;)
  7. The only time it can ever be is now.
  8. Refreshing!
  9. I love debates about time....especially high lol
  10. I don't even know how to respond to these answers. I'm not arguing the existense or meaning of time. I'm just saying it was dumb to start at 1 and dumb to start on "jesus's birth" I'm not even saying it would be smart to start earlier in the history of the world. just sayin that shit's dumb lol. I disagree with the concept of jesus so therefore I disagree with our timeline. get it?
  11. You need to refresh the calendar every now and then, I think. Otherwise you get into massive numbers of years, our way of doing things will probably go away eventually.
  12. yayyyy hope its sooner than later
  13. you also have to keep in mind that Jesus was a real person. whether or not he was the son of god is unknown. i personally do not believe so, but there is no doubt he did exist. he is not a "mythical" figure
  14. Does it really matter?

    One day, when I look back on my life, I hope I'm thinking something more than "Ah, 1989 to 2060.. What good years to be alive in.. What nice, logical numbers.. The 6 is like an upside down 9.. I'm so glad I wasn't born in a shitty number like 1987"

    I reiterate: Does it really matter?
  15. Nope.
  16. Then isn't this entire thread obsolete if the OP doesn't even give a crap? Way to go, start a thread about nothing.
  17. Does it really matter? The year you pick as your starting year can be pretty much anything. I think the traditional year Jesus was born in is as good a a year as anything else, really.

    I don't believe in Jesus either, it's just not that important to me.
  18. There's a lot of things in life that pertain to religion if you think about it. Not just the years, but the days of the week, as well. Supposedly, it took 'God' 7 days to create all this. Well, 6 plus a day of rest which would be Sunday.

    Our Pledge of Allegiance, marriage, Christmas and other holidays....I could go on, but I'm gettin ready to head to town...

    All this has been in place for so long, there's nothin ya can do about it now but live with it :confused_2:
  19. shoulda been the end of the thread right here :D

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