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Ounce robbed from my dealer...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by piff69, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. #1 piff69, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    I was with my boy whos a dealer and went to go sell an O to this kid's neighbor for $200.

    So we go, he give the kid the O to weigh who he met in a car, the kid smells it and goes to weight it and then the driver just flips the car in Drive.

    At this time, my dude knew something was up so he whipped out some pepper spray and sprayed the fucking kid in the face as he was driving away.

    So now the kid who set this up says he's going to repay the $200 and was forced to steal the shit by his friend...


    kid's getting investigated by the fuck ATF because he has an illegal, serial-numerless pistol that he showed pics of on myspace.

    He's FUCKED!

    I'm just happy it wasn't my shit... and the dude got the O for mad cheap... got a 1/4 LB for $400 so $100 it's nbd.
  2. Not to be a dick but...What was the point of this post?
  3. Wow thats some whack shit man. Your lucky you guys are fine.
    But I dont get how the kid jacked the car? Can you explain a little bit better
  4. great first post man, welcome to grasscity............
  5. The kid who set up the deal was driving, and a local rip-off artist was in the passanger seat and had his wallet out ready to pay and wanted to weight the shit before he payed $200, but when he got it, the driver booked away.
  6. no he jacked the bud
    ...but pepper spray? hahahaha
  7. Oh... I thought your friend was the driver and the scam came in the car. WTF he has a pistol? Why would you sell to this kid
  8. hahahah dude couldn't even breath good for an hour apparently.
  9. Thats smart if he carried a gun and was caught it could turn things into a felony depending on state, but with the non leathel the punishment is far less.
  10. i'm sure that would be an amazing story if i actually could understand what you are saying.
  11. but if the buyer's got a strap and the dealer's got (haha) pepper spray, who's fcuked?

    and if he gets busted, that's already p&i, what's a gun charge on top?
  12. and ur dealer handed him the bud before he had the money... lesson learned, right?
  13. 1: I go with my dealer down the street to because he was selling an Ounce to this kid who was coming in a car.

    2: The kid shows up and is driving, and leaves the buisness to the kid in the passenger seat.

    3: My dealer hands him the O to weigh in the car, the driver throws it in drive, and my dude whips out the pepper spray soon enough to get the rip-off kid in the face.
  14. buyer and driver in 1 car

    dealer and OP in another

    dealer gives ounce to buyer, driver flips it in drive, dealer maces driver (?)

    buyer calls back and says he's a little bitch and will pay it back
  15. you got it man lol i should mention im high as fuck... dude had like a 1/8 O left at his house so it's w.e.
  16. comon, pepper spray? if you're a dealer, i think you should have a gun at least...
  17. yes he shouldve got the money first but thats funny that he sprayed his ass :smoke:
  18. In most situations pepper spray is the best alternative. I mean youre fucking blind and burning, what the hell are you gonna do to someone that wants to stomp the shit out of youre balls. Nothing thats what. Unfortunately he was in a car. If he hadn't been in the car im sure he would have been wishing it was a gun after all the pain they put him through.
  19. word dude ahhaha... kid called back wheezing and shit.

    it wasn't JUST pepper spray... it was MACE which has pepper spray + Tear Gas (the shit polce use for raids and terrorist threats) hahahaha shit burns horrible.

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