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ounce prices

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kinesie, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So im about to pick up an ounce around the suburbs of chicago and i was just wondering what i good price is for an ounce of dank
  2. I know where I am in FL I can get an O of pretty dank for 300 but if I want a god quality Haze or anything it can get to be around 310-330.
  3. I'm heading into NYC right now to pick up an Oz. of sour diesel.

    NYC prices are really high so I'm paying 500/Oz. if it turns out to be really good.

    If not I'll just grab an eight for 65.

    I ussually get a Z for around 400 bucks though.

  4. An ounce of danks goes for about $280 around here with a tight dealer.

    $350 is more average.

    So expensive. Sometimes I regret spending hundreds of dollars on bud -- it definitely doesn't cost that much time or energy to grow.

    I wish I weren't in the inner city, I'd grow again.
  5. I can get an oz of dank for max 220$

    I'm not sure how much an oz goes for in the states though.
  6. dude where you at haha, i'm paying 330-375 for a zip of some dank
  7. $400 oz for Grandaddy Purp is what I currently pay.

    If I wanted to drive 12 hours roundtrip, I could pick up $290 zips of Blueberry Goo directly from the grower.

    It's all relative to your location and who you know.

  8. Orlando.
  9. listen, no one hate on me...but personally, i like trying new weed every few days. i wouldnt buy anymore than a slice at a time...

    again dont hate.
  10. Blueberry Goo?
    Sounds quite nice.
    None the less, i get ounces for around 400.
    Unless you go local grower, and you can get it for around 350+
  11. Anything less than $400 for a heady ounce is a good price in VT....

  12. Wat Burbs you by? I'm by O'hare and I get the Kream of da Krop, KILLEST of KILL all the time runnin out from the City. Usually 420-450 Fer da GuD Chit.
  13. 250-400 is normal price for dank.
  14. 140 for china,weeds really cheap around here. And usually 250+ for dank
  15. I also live in the chicago burbs and an ounce of some fire can run from 375-425 here
  16. Last O of dank I got was an ounce of Sour Deisel for 355. and I'm tight with my dealer. It's a little pricey.
  17. ok well one of ym buddies i've known for a while said he can get me an ounce of some pretty good shit for 185, i know he wouldn't rip me off but does that seem average for somethin a little above mids, im not talkin og kush or white widow or anything.
  18. honestly if your gonnna spend a bill eighty-five might as well just cop a half zip of some nice dank, quality of quantity son.:D
  19. 3 hundo for a zone of kill for me

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