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Ounce of weed = (?) Grams of Hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Journeyman, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. I'm going to be making QWISO Hash with an ounce of some decent mids. Could anyone with previous experience tell me how many grams of hash I should expect out of the whole ordeal?
  2. you might get .5-1g depending on the quality
  3. 3-4 oil with butane
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    i just made qwiso hash with around 29 grams of misc shit.
    about 22 grams of stems from mostly chronic, around 5-6 grams of shake[water leaves from nug and corn and dry nug shake], and 3.5 grams of corn/mids

    we got around 2 grams of good quality hash from it. 2 washes could have done 3 and came up with some decent sell hash.. but half a g of hash isnt really worth selling so we tossed the shit.
    does bho really produce like that? we have more stems n shit, but i'd like a better yield next time.
  5. I've heard that with actual nugs that you get around 1/4 of what you have in weight. Of course it's going to be less if you are using trim or stems or vaped weed or other shit like that.
  6. in my experience i've felt lucky coming away with a gram of hash per quarter of leaves and shake.

    if you get an 8th of hash from your ounce of bud you should probably be pleased

    it might not be great quality, though

    quick washes (shorter shaking with iso, less initial sitting time) and freezing the bud beforehand are the best ways to ensure your hash is high quality in my opinion

    get some high percentage isopropyl and go to work, pal!
  7. i guess if the weed was 25% cannabinoids that could be correct.
    if you applied that to mids at around 15%{high mids?] thc you should come up with=
    4.20 grams.
  8. ...Sorry but no. The best buds are at around 20% THC
  9. i think mids is like 2-5%
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    i can link you to 20 seeds that are 20+ THC content. highest was over 29, maybe ?32? cant remember. it was some dude busted in oregon in 2004-5 with an eighth. thats the highest conf in US, anyway. not sure about the world. but 20 is not the highest. :D

    anyway, mids arent 15. i was using 15 for the example. mids/corn is at best 10, and thats lookin beaster like.
  11. id say it would just depend on how good the weed is, and how much thc is in the stems for yield.

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