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Ounce of Marijuana in 10 days. How long will it stay in my system?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thegoatkiller, May 15, 2018.

  1. I smoked an Ounce of Marijuana throughout a 10 day period. How long will it stay in my system? I have exactly 30 days until my next piss test from the day i stopped smoking.
  2. I always see mixed reviews on the subject, I think if you drink enough water and excersize a bit you’ll be ok
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  3. Thank you
  4. No problem, I don’t know how close it would be but I would just make sure to drink as much water as you can and sweat as much as possible if it’s for an important job or a court ruling or something like that
  5. Will do! I appreciate it!
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  6. You don't sweat out enough metabolites to make a difference but the exercise that makes you sweat will help.
  7. So I wont pass?
  8. You may pass but it won't be because you sweated out metabolites. Test yourself at 3 weeks clean and see what's cooking
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  9. Don't exercise a day or two before your test. If you have metabolites stored in body fat, if you exercise and burn fat you release metabolites. This may be another drink a lot of water and sweat BS. Do what Cactus Ed says and test yourself. Then you will know you have a situation. Good luck.
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  10. All drinking water does is dilute pee. It does nothing for actually removing the detectable metabolites from fat cells.
  11. So then what helps?
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    Time is the only 100% effective way.

    Detox drinks don't actually detox. All they are is a temporary attempt at masking the metabolites through dilution and are very hit and miss. If they do work you'll be positive again in a few hours, your system is not actually detoxed. Being diluted can actually be considered a fail if detected on some tests.

    Stupid gimmicks like suregel/ fruit pectin are a joke. I have custody of my kids in part because their dumb ass mother believed in stoner myths. Those who passed using fruit pectin would of passed without it.

    There always substitution but there again that's not always possible. I have a friend that got caught substituting on a probation test. He was on probation for a misdemeanor but being caught trying to substitute was a felony so that backfired big time. Had he just failed all he would of had to do was take some classes. Instead he ended up with a felony and 6 months in jail. He also lost his gun permit because of the felony and do to the nature of our jobs was not allowed on certain jobsites like active schools and jails for 7 years due to being a felon.

    Some people risk diuretics. They can speed up your system but until you're actually clean you will be pushing out more detectable metabolites through your urine making your sample easier to detect.diuretucs are dangerous for your system, like your kidneys, to take over an extended period of time and it takes time for the diuretics to actually help flush the metabolites.
    You also can not sweat out metabolites. Excersize burns fat cells therefore releasing the metabolites to be expelled through your urine. It does not come out in sweat and this is not a way to get clean fast. It only boosts your system to clean out a slight bit faster. How fast would depend on the individual.

    Time is the only way to effectively 100% be clean everything else is hit and miss.time is very unpredictable though. One person might take 3 weeks to be clean, while another could take 6. There is no set amount of time. Even at that individuals metabolisms change all the time, My metabolism has changed alot over the years.

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