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Ounce of Dankity Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by marijuanabudz, May 4, 2011.

  1. well heres my first post on the city, been lurking for years now and finally decided to make an account

    anyway, heres an ounce of some no-name i picked up for $400. supposedly "medical from canada" but you know... dealers :rolleyes:

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  2. I just got a hard-on.
  3. that ounce of dankity dank looks crescent fresh, where you from i pay around that for a zip
  4. Looks good but it's pretty hard to get your hands on legitimate Canadian government medical marijuana. Definitely dank though, good pick up. Give us a smoke report!
  5. Hefty price, but it def looks like some flame.

  6. Haha yea man i know what u mean i never pay attention when most dealers tell me strain and origin cause they all full of shit and will say about anything to get u to buy...i just buy based on how dank it looks lol i never worry bout names its either dank or its some super dank lol
  7. Looks like the Blackberry I have. And if it's anything like mine... Huge head high! :)
  8. looks like some kill for sure

  9. south jersey, near cherry hill

    yeah i know its most likely not legit.

    yes sir :smoke:
  10. Dude that looks delicious. Enjoy, my friend :)
  11. man i hope that is the best weed you have ever smoked because 400 is a bit steep in my book but besides that it looks like some fire even though the pics arent macro. smoke one up for and tell us how the smoke is!:smoke:
  12. Nice buds man:smoke: I'll be able to enjoy bud like that in 148 days when probation is ended!:smoking: gonna roll a 2 ounce blunt with like 5 wraps:smoke:

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