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ounce of blue dream

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kayakush, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. so i got this ounce of blue dream. good smoke and vibes

  2. Nice ... Blue dream is one of my favorite sativas :gone:
  3. Nice! Dope scale mang, my preferable one, mines silver though!
  4. Doesn't that bag weigh like 6g or did you tare it?
  5. Looks sweet man! Enjoy.
  6. That weeds green bro, you got jipped..

  7. Lol, funny comment
  8. u live in the new england area by any chance?

  9. depends, my ziplocks weigh 2.2-2.6 depending on brand,and the fold and close ones weigh .8-1.2 depending on brand.

    here is a tip though op.
    put a thin plastic cup on the scale that wont overload it beore you turn it on then turn on the scale and either dump nugs into cup or put the bag in the cup, you'll get a more accurate weight every time.

  10. also known as the "Tare" function
  11. i swear i had that same bud
  12. not a great picture but yeah this bud is dope, just wanted to share another pic of the same bud

  13. That's some heavy smoke man one of the strongest to me strains around

  14. The strength of cannabis is probably like 15-20% genetics and 80% how well it is grown

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