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Ounce of "Apple Kush" and new grinder

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dilbuck, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. #1 dilbuck, Feb 18, 2009
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    Picked up an ounce of what my guy was calling apple kush. This stuff is extremely smelly. I have a plastic container that I normally just double ziploc my stash in but it even overpowers this. High is very Kush high. That's the best way to explain it. Smoke is very smooth and tastes sort of like apples on the exhale. This stuff is incredible. Paid $365 for the ounce. I never got picture of the full ounce as we ground up a few good sized buds for a great time last night. Here is the majority of the ounce however.



    And now some bud shots.


    Now here are some pics of the large 4 piece sharpstone that I picked up at a local headshop yesterday. It ran me $60 plus tax.


    So far no metal shavings to speak of and I ran paper through the grinder already just in case. I can't emphasize enough how great it has to actually have a solid grinder. Very happy with both of my purchases.

    I'm doing my part to stimulate the econonomy! Hope you guys enjoy. :smoke:
  2. wow i wish i could find an ounce of that good of bud for 365 in louisiana! even back in texas!
  3. wow good stuff, i hadn't heard of apple kush now i am looking orward to finding it.
  4. I really don't know if it is even a real name to be honest. I have googled it with mixed success. I suppose the kush high with the apple taste made the name but either way I could care less. Good weed is good weed.
  5. how much did the grinder cost you?
  6. I got the same one for $60.00 a year ago.
  7. i got the same one for 45, at a local headshop
  8. I got it for $60 plus tax. Normally was priced at $80 but I am in my head shop often enough to catch a deal every now and then. He also threw in a Djeep lighter.
  9. Dang that is a heck of a deal on it then. I thought I was getting lucky. Nice pickup for you as well man. :wave:
  10. #10 TheHighLife, Feb 18, 2009
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    he gave me a discount cause i was buying my roor that day, and he upgraded the bong instead of a 14.5 joint for an 18.8 and a diffused stem for free :O !!!!!
  11. I love getting great deals from fellow smoking enthusiasts. +rep for you on your freebie and cheap grinder!
  12. I got that same grinder for $25 :)

    I chose the smaller sharpstone for $20 instead because I like it's portability...

    I actually thought that I had lost the big one so I bought the small one and then found the big one again.... Now I need to sell the big one.. Lame haha
  13. Wow, you win the low award. Haha. I decided on the big one because he came down in price to only $5 more than the medium one. I just carry a baby food jar with ground up stuff for portability so having the large one seems to work for me. Did you get yours online for that price?
  14. i just got my 5 peice sharpstone set for 20

    off ebay wholesaler.
  15. Yep... You guys should really move onto the new era of technology :p

    I get EVERYTHING online... It's so much cheaper
  16. I just prefer supporting the local economy and my local head shops. That's just a thing I do... kind of dumb as far as prices go but keeps jobs around, or at least the little that I put into the local helps. At least that is what I tell myself. But great finds for grinders can be had online I see.
  17. i wish u cud order weed online

    nuff said
  18. Sick grinder, I got a SS too. I don't believe that's "Apple Kush" And more like normal higher end beasters; m39
  19. looks dank, a little leafy, but dankkkk
  20. Hashmouf's grown an Apple Kush variety before, I've been trying to get my hands on it for YEARS!!!

    Enjoy it my dude it looks lovely!!

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