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  1. Is this ounce of sour d worth $150? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391623482.539056.jpg

    - KingKush
  2. Yep in fact you should tip as well
  3. I'd so that's more then fair stuff like that's usually 200 around here
  4. Thanks guys

    - KingKush
  5. Is this considered "dank" or miss?

    - KingKush
  6. Wow dude I'm jealous. Ozs hereby are two hundred. Nice pickup

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  7. Zips here go for double that. I'd take it. Enjoy
  8. He hooked it the fuck up.
  9. Awesome price Op, looks like some solid mids, nothin wrong with that at all, nice fucking deal my friend.

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  10. Yea man thats good I get quarters of dank for 90$
  11. Definetly not dank but for the price you paid that's what you're gonna get so not a bad pick up OP

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    Looks like pretty good shit for the price.
  13. The lowest for an ounce at the nice ass dispensary I go to is 175. So 150 is pretty awesome, and it looks good too. <3
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    Definitely not dank but it's better than mids... it looks like an attempt at a quality grow that didn't turn out as good as it could have. No telling if it was flushed properly or sprayed with anything though.
  15. Good luck seeing lephrachauns and unicorns with that shit. Litterly goodluck because you wont.
  16. I could get an ounce of Reggie for half that.
  17. looks alright and possibly slightly leafy. Like someone said looks like an attempt at good growing that didn't turn out as good as it could
    \nYou didn't get ripped off though based on the pics. Back when the weed supply in my town was low (7 years ago) that would have sold for 250 or 300 an O. Now I get dank O'z for 175
  18. I can get an oz of that for 50$. . That's stress

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