ouija boards, spirits, cannabis?

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  1. Hello everyone. I was wondering, for any of you blades out there that mess with this kind of stuff, what's up with spirits and marijuana? Has anyone ever experienced or heard a story of someone like, asking a spirit about weed?

    I mean, what if you got a cool stoner spirit!?
    while others might even get mad or just not really answer the question. idk.
    I don't really do any of this kind of stuff, but I thought it was a cool idea.
  2. I'd stay away from Ouija boards, for sure.

    But I dunno, if you meet a being, and one of the things you want to ask it about is cannabis, then I say go for it. I can't say I've ever asked any of the beings I've met through entheogens about weed, but I think they'd be down :)

    I don't know about having a stoner spirit though lol
  3. haha yeahh.
    It's all controversial anyway, some people believe that all 'spirits' from ouija are really demons, or whatever. I don't care one way or the other,
    but if it was a spirit who had toked in their past life, what if they could grant you some posthumous insight on the herb/life?
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    yeah i'd leave that stuff alone...

    i dont know why people mess with that stuff, i done it once and the spirit wouldnt let us leave the table, saying if we did he would haunt us till the day we die, well he didnt say that, he spelled it out, ya know.

    but doing a ouija board stoned would be pretty trippy, haha
  5. I don't understand why some people are so gullible they'll believe in crap like ouija boards.
  6. I don't believe necessarily that all ouija boards work/ talking with spirits nonsense, but I do believe in demons and I know they can posess you through things such as ouija boards. I don't see what the point of your post was?

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