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Ouija Boards really work

Discussion in 'General' started by folied, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. I have always been a skeptic of ouija boards until I tried one with my friend and my little sister today. We lit 3 candles 2 white, and one tan colored in a room and turned out all the lights.

    It took a few tries as the first few spirits we contacted made no sense and the planchette moved very slow.. and I thought it didn't work. Until we tried again and met this spirit named Max.

    As soon as we came into contact with Max the Planchette was stronger and moving at a much faster rate.

    He was one funny mother fucker. He told us he was from Ukraine and killed 61 people with an axe. He also told me that he liked my hair, and my friend asked him if he had a pet dragon what would he name him.. and he said my name. Very funny. We asked him if he liked smoking weed and the planchette darted to yes.

    But here is when it really hit me that the ouija is REAL. My little sister was asking a question and stumbled on her words and said "Never mind". The planchette started to move and said "Go" as in like finish your question.

    Craziest thing.. there is no way it could be fake. Go in with an open mind and try it.
  2. be careful, once you open somehting into the spiritual world, its hard to close it.
    i know of people who are now somwhat haunted by ghosts after they used one of these, i dont know for sure but im sure the plastic board has nothing to do with it but the energy is.
  3. No they don't.

  4. of course they work, but most of the spirits lie about shit just to scare you...
  5. From Wikipedia:

    Scientific explanation

    Rationalists contend that users subconsciously direct the path of the triangle to produce a word that is in that person's subconscious thought process. This subconscious behavior is known as ideomotor action, a term coined by William Carpenter in 1882. It is also known as automatism.[6] Some people may be convinced that the "powers" of the ouija board are real because they are unaware that they are in fact moving the piece and therefore assume that the piece must be moving due to some other "spiritual force". The subconscious thought process may produce an answer that is different from what the user expected in their conscious thought process-thus perpetuating the idea that the board has "mystical powers".

    The Penn & Teller: Bullshit! episode on Ouija Boards ran an experiment using unbiased participants. Questions were being asked to the late William Frawley with very strong answers. The participants were then blindfolded and the board was turned 180 degrees without their knowledge. With continued questioning, the planchette then traveled to bare areas of the board where the participants (potentially spirits or the human mediums) believed the "Yes" and "No" marks were located.
  6. I've tried these before. It didn't work for the first little while until we all got bored and started asking really stupid questions (and subsequently moving it to stupid answers).

    "Is Jeff gay?"
    *I can feel and see everyone dragging it towards "Yes" except for jeff*
  7. Do you want this to be you?

  8. I tried using a Ouija Board in my friend's basement, in this little room where her father died a few years earlier. It didn't work. I personally don't believe that Ouija boards harness the ability to communicate with spirits, but I do believe in supernatural beings.
  9. I wish I never experienced spirits. I can't speak on Ouija boards..never seen one. But there is some shit that will freak anyone out.

    I don't get scared...but the shit I saw..scared me. I don't like messin with things I cant grab and handle like a normal person...

    I don't fuck with spirits/demons or whatever the fuck it is...but I can't not believe in it...once you have your own experience..there's no turnin back.
  10. yea i bought a really nice one (wich i still have) that i could never really get to work.
  11. Yeah don't play with those things. It's like playing with fire...sooner or later you're going to get burned

  12. thats what im sayin man, i dont fuck with paranormal shit lol, thats shit humans have no control over. im kinda interested in hearin what experiences youve had though
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    If you believe in something enough you'll think its true. Just look at the Christians.

    Comments like this aren't necessary and are unwelcome here. You're taking a stab at a group of people and we have a very diverse community here so I'm sure you're taking a stab at some of our members. *RMJL
  14. Cheap shots like this are unnecessary and the mark of an immature person.
  15. sorry mom.
  16. [​IMG]
  17. Never gets old.

  18. They definitely only work when you are tripping. Normally they dont work.
  19. This.

    And this.

    When it comes to ghosts I've seen some things and done some stuff. I wouldn't fuck with a Ouija board personally.

    Just look at the name of the thing. "Ouija". No thank you.
  20. Ive never actually tried one, but I've seen some shit I wish I wouldnt have. You really dont understand how scary seeing that kinda stuff is, until you have experienced it yourself.

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