Ouija board?

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  1. Anybody ever try one?
    I think its complete bullshit but im definitely going to try it.
    You already have it right, so what's the point? Look up Penn and Teller's Bullshit episode about them. 
    When they flipped the board around without the participants knowing, the participants moved the apparatus to where they thought the "yes" part was, but it was nowhere near it. It's all in your head. It's stupid. 
  3. when I play ima be the one who pushes the piece.  ima swear it wasn't me
  4. It appears to work because of the Ideomotor effect. Put on a blindfold and have somebody watch you do it. You'll be all over the board and stop in random spots. Look up Ideomotor effect and you'll see exactly what's going on. 
  5. I find the ideomotor effect interesting since it's implying exactly what the subconscious does...that is create involuntary movements done by the subconscious.

    "The ideomotor effect causes small, unconscious motor movements because of the person's expectations, preconceptions or suggestibility"

    Sooo our minds play a role in this phenomenon. Right. Doesn't quantum mechanics agree that the fundamentals to reality are essentially random, ubiquitous. It is beyond the scope of solid matter, we are essentially beyond the scope of solid matter. I guess it comes down to how you look at that quote^^ meaning, our thoughts have power, whether we're conscious of it or not?
  7. Isn't this the science forum?

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    you tryin to say ghosts talkin to you through a board game isn't science?....poppycock i say!
  9. Well, I guess we could discuss the science behind why people are so easily fooled

  10. Just incase anybody was wondering...
    I did end up trying the board... nothing happend.
  11. Done it twice. The first time, I was stupid enough to believe it was real, but both times nothing happened.
    It's a load of shit.
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