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    Ok so what is the grasscity community's vibe on ouija boards? I have owned one for several years but to be honest, I have never used it once. Dont get me wrong Im not religious, but I am spiritual. I suppose I have never used it before now is because I have alot of respect for the spirit world although I dont know anything about it. Lately though I have been having this urge to try it.

    So I suppose what Im saying is that Im concerned about using it when I dont know the rules?

    To alleviate my ignorance Ive done a scant amount of reserach on the subject
    . And by "scant" I mean 45 min worth of research while smoking a bowl.:smoke: From this research I have come across these ouija facts. Just so we are clear in order for something to be a fact just means that I saw it on more than one website. In no particular order they are:

    1- It is ok to use a ouija board alone but it is safer to use it with more than one person.

    2- Good:) and Evil:devious: spirits may try to communicate through the board. If the board makes a figure 8 pattern or rapdily circles the outer edge, this is a sign of an evil or angry spirit.

    3- It is possible to be come addicted to using a ouija board.:bongin:

    4- It is possible to become possesed by a spirit that uses the board as a gateway to you. Certain people are more prone to this than others.:eek:

    5- The board may not work for you at first or ever. It may take several trys or you may get a response from your first question. In order to effectively channel the proper energy you must be of the proper open mindset.:smoke:

    6- Always be respectful to whatever spirit contacts you through the
    board. :hello:

    7- Never, ever, EVER laugh at what a spirit says or say that you dont believe them. This will anger them.:mad:

    8- Get a Name. When making first contact with a spirit you must ask the name of the spirit you are speaking to.:wave: This is very important because. . .

    9- More than one spirit will try to contact you at once. However, you must ask that only one spirit be communicating at a time. :poke:

    10- Never use the board for personal gain. Consider personal gain in its broadest implications. If you do ask the board questions with personal gain in mind you are going to attract evil spirits.:bolt:

    So does anyone here have any sort of real life experience with ouija boards? Or advice to give to a first time user?

  2. im not really sure how it works
    ive used one once. i was skeptical at first but by the end of the session i was pretty freaked out.
    i was only like 13 or 14 at the time, but it worked i think.
    the only part that i remember is that we asked how man people were in the room, and it said 3 (it was me and 2 other friends)
    Then we asked how many spirits were in the room or something along that line and it said 5
    i didnt believe it at first, i thought it was someone moving the little thing...
    i guess i broke the rules....hahaha
  3. I've played with these things plenty before in search of 'spirits', by myself as well as with others, someone (you or either one of your friends) has to move that thing in order for it to do anything.

    Ever asked yourself why it never moves when you're alone? Simple. you cant fool yourself;)
  4. I don't believe in it...

    But some people swear up and down that it's real
  5. I scared the shit out of my younger cousin with one of those.

    I made it say Abe Lincoln was going to kill him.
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    Don't fuck with it. My best friends brother used it and an evil spirit followed him for a month. He would hear shit(it actually talked to him i mean) and at night it would be fucking with him and he would see shit moving around in his room. He had some priest get rid of it, but he said if he caught us fucking with it he would stomp us out. So don't use it, it's not worth the risk.
  7. ...EXACTLY.

    So you thought it worked because it got one question right? You must have heard of probability? Chance?
    If it gets, say, 10 questions right in a row, I'd be intrigued.

  8. No...
  9. Interesting responses so far. Keep it coming.
  10. wtf?!
  11. Read the thread posted above. Ouija boards work purely through the use of suggestion, and there is always someone who is consciousley or subconsciously guiding it.


  12. I believe that some truth can be found in this. It will still be your own truth, however.
  13. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA5uYhXpa-E"]YouTube - Penn & Teller Ouija Board part 2[/ame]

    'nuff said
  14. I've only used the board twice, and had a very bad experience with it.
    I didnt use it with friends, or kids, or anything. I used it with a 'professional' astrologist and spirit guide. We asked real questions and the consequences were very real (and scary).

    I suggest not to mess around with it, because it can open up doors and mess up your life if your not careful. The board IS NOT a game.
  15. Hahaha... professional.
  16. what else would you call it? the person I did it with has many years of experience in using boards, tarrot and hand readings, among many other things.
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    Professional is good.

    I geuss even mobsters and serial killers can be considered "professionals".

    EDIT: also, I have actually quite a bit of experience with Ouija boards. All of them have been have been definitvely negative.

    I've been told that my skeptical mindset corrodes the paranormal energies. I think it's more like my critical thinking prevents the establishment of a coercive mob mentality.

    Doesn't stop other people in the room, screaming and giggling and claiming they see stuff move. Weird huh? Almost as if they're making it up, and giving into their imagination and expectations.

    It's been very obvious to me that one of the more credulous people are always guiding the reading peice. Pretty much the same kind of garbage that Penn and Teller illustrates in the video.
  18. Iv done it and it dose work. Scared the hell out of me and my girlfriend and none of us moved it.

    The Ouija board is not a toy or a game, it's a tool 1st used by satanists to contact the evil. I wouldn't mess with it.
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    That thread is over a year old and my op included things that post does not. Hence worthy of a new thread. Ive read your other posts Sam and I like them generally. But dont post here unless you have something constructive to add to the topic please.

    If you find the topic redundant then dont post in it. Im not trying to flame you but that post of yours was unnecessary. I can point to plenty of examples of thread subject matter that overlaps.

    Im trying to keep this a positive thread and for people to share experiences. Posts like that dont facilitate discussion. Posts like that discourage it.

    EDIT: BTW I enjoyed your post on the second page as it was on topic. Just read it now. Ty for the contribution.

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