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  1. So I was just shaving my nether region with an electric shaver....

    and I managed to nick the hood of my clit. Eff!! that hurts!

  2. Thanks for sharing :D
  3. Gotta do something to distract myself from the pain. lol
  4. This is why I never use electric razors down there, or anywhere. Razors all the way.
  5. Omg my stomach sank into my vagina.
    OUCH! I only use hand razors....you know the ones
    that don't vibrate.

    Girl you better not try that again. :bolt:
  6. I'm a guy, and I feel your pain. Yikes!
  7. ouch i could only imagine how that feels try getting your sack caught in a zipper (while in school) not a walk in the park either lol
  8. So you nicked the prepuce of the clitoris, which aggrevated your dorsal clitoral nerve, a branch of the internal pudendal nerve, which is a ventral primary ramus of spinal nerves L4-5,S1-4 in the sacral plexus?

    I am going to murder the male/female genetalia part of my exam.
  9. put some after shave on.

    smooth. haha.
  10. Girl let me rub that fo you to ease da pain
  11. Hahaha....

    I still prefer the electric ones... I've gotten hurt way more often with actual blades..

    Plus, I just don't trust myself with razor blades anymore.

    I will probably only shave sober from now on though.... :rolleyes:
  12. Shaving drunk is the most consistently stupid thing I do.
  13. Ohmyfuckinggod............ that hurts me dude. :cry:
  14. Good game. Though I feel your pain. I'm a guy and I use an electric, just works out better than a razor. DEF DONT DO DRUNK hahaha.
  15. I wasn't drunk... I was high out of my mind... hahaha
  16. should've just let it grow out all wild an what not. Then this incident could have been avoided.

  17. never understood why people would want that thing pierced

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