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  1. man i fucked myself up today....

    i was at work taking out some trash but the dumpster was really full.....

    so i put a board in the dumpster to jump on and compact the trash a lil bit...

    i was doing a decent job till i moved the board and jumped from balancing on the edge of the dumpster to the board and nailed my leg on the hinge of the dumpster lid which happens to be very big and square and put a nice solid 2 and a half inch dent into my shin.......OUCH.....then i had to walk 3 miles home in 90 degree heat or actually limped 3 miles home...........

    damn im retarded sometimes....

    check out this gash in my leg....
  2. Man... I would consider getting a tetanus shot.

    Looks like it hurts...
  3. yeah get your tetanus shot now

  4. FUCK NO....i hate needles and ive gotten one within the last 10 years so im pretty sure im up to date on that my tetanus shots
  5. yes getting your tetanus shot is a lot worse than having tetanus
  6. well if you get that shot post a pic of that too because i hear the after exposure shots are quite large and painful!!!

  7. im NOT getting that shot....end of story....i hate needles WAY too much

  8. I hope you are being sarcastic...

    The shots blow and to my understanding they are right in the stomach.
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    read it again. it took me a few glances.

    And yes from what i hear they suck (more then most shots) the only "shot" bigger and badder is the rabies one. . I got a rusty corkscrew through my foot while exploring a sunken boat. I was snorkeling and went to kick off the bottom to go to the surface and it was all down hill from their. Lucky i passed out when they took it out so i don't remember the shot.
  10. Think of all those IV drugs you are missing. lmao jk. What's with people and needles, they are awesome! :devious:
  11. Yeah I've done something similar before.

    At my old job, one of the cooks would buy a 30 before work and we would take turns going into the walk-in 2 at a time (4 of us total) and shotgun beers. We did it all the time and would usually polish the 30 between us in about 45 min to an hour.
    Well one day after the 30 was gone, one of the cooks left to get more. I made a trash run and had to pack the dumpster down. I always laid a piece of cardboard out and would jump on it. My intoxication made it fun and difficult to do this time. When I landed from one of my jumps, my right leg slipped off the cardboard, got all tangled up and I fell out of the dumpster. I landed head first, the top of my dome hit the gravel.
  12. Take a picture when you have a tetanus infection, since your too baby for a shot.

    I'd LOVE to see the picture of the infection!
  13. God damn.

    You have a vagina on your leg.
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