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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, May 12, 2003.

  1. ok... so friday i'm taking out some fries from the freezer at work for changover on friday. the boxes weigh only 36lbs, so i can carry 2 no problem. anywayz, there's a mess on the freezer floor that i nearly trip over while bringing these boxes out. my back twists and i feel a pull. it doesn't hurt much so i think nothing of it. over the weekend it gets worse, but still no big deal. i'm thinking pulled muscle or something. then today i'm talking to 2 of my coworkers and am using arm movements (as us I-talians always do, LOL), and i make this kinda quick movement with my one arm. well, my entire back goes into this horrible spasm and i'm almost in tears from the pain. anywayz, i go to get it checked out and it turns out i sprained/strained my lower and middle back pretty bad. i get to go to therapy tomorrow and a follow up appointment the day after. i'm outta work (which is kinda good kinda bad) because i'm not allowed to bend, twist, climb stairs, push or pull anything, lift anything over 10lbs, etc. anywayz, i was just wonderin if anyone could spare some 'get well' karma for an old fart like myself LMAO! geez, i'm only 19 and i'm falling apart...
  2. Lots of good karma from me and my magic wand that I carry around with me all the time!!!!!!!! LOL. I do hope you get to feeling better. I sprained my back about 4 yrs ago and it was the worst pain (in my opinion). No matter how I sat or what I did, it always had these shooting pains that would bring tears to my eyes!!!!!! So I indeed know what you are going through.

    But anyway...........good karma, good karma, good karma, good karma, good karma, good karma, good karma, good karma........I'll keep sending it until you are all healed up!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. ^ or mop up your mess!
  4. Damn, that sucks. I sprained my back a few times, one time from my ass to my shoulders i got bucked off a galloping horse, i couldn't move for 3 days and it was pretty shitty, but it's all good cause what don't kill ya makes ya stronger.

    at least you can still lift a bong right?

  5. eep

    sendin some karma
    along with some weed smoke

    straight towards ya :D
  6. sending you get well karma. I know that kind of pain. The good herb will relieve more of the pain than any pills prescribed!
  7. Awwwwwwww....poor, poor Cottons!!!!! :(

    I'm sending you all the ~feel good~ karma that I can possibly spare. I wish all of your pain to go away...that way you can enjoy your meds! ;)
  8. Muchos good karma coming your way..

    Goes to show ya.. You can carry the world only if your willing to pay the price.. Get well soon!
  9. how dare i forget the karama!!!

    ~karma on its way~
  10. Good Karma to you Cottons.
    I'll smoke a get better bowl for you(of course me getting stoned directly helps you!).
  11. i will smoke a "good luck cottons" bowl for you with white widow and chronic mixed..... mmmm..... LOL... anyways it should heal pretty soon with therapy and shit! well get better! ;)
  12. Here's some more karma to add on to the list for you Cottons, and I'll smoke a joint for you too :D
    Well, I just lit one right before I looked at this thread, so I'm gonna smoke it anyway :D
  13. thanks for all the karma. i'm on 20mg bextra's. i have no idea what they are, but they don't get me wrecked. they DO make the pain go away pretty good though.

    yesterday i just decided to get wasted out of my head (it was pay day afterall). i ate a quarter of shrooms (only 2 hours old), a blue scorpion (xtc), smoked 6 fat blunts and like 3 bowls (all in memory of stylez's boy)... so i was feelin' pretty damn good. today i woke up and was reminded of how much i shouldn't have been moving around yesterday, LOL

    anywayz, therapy's fun. they hook me up to this machine that electricutes my back, and they put a heating pad overtop of that. i almost passed out it felt so good :D

    the mess in the freezer was a bunch of boxes and shit all over the floor. i didn't see a few of them and nearly tripped... it's all good though. i think i'm going to enjoy my week's vacation :) LOL

    thanks again for the 'get well's' and the karma
  14. lol, i'm not paying for it out of my pocket. there's not supposed to be boxes on the freezer floor... so if they didn't pay for treatment i'd beable to sue.
  15. didn't see this until now, here's a big box 'o karma for ya



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