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  1. It's been close to five years now that my brother passed away tragically young and full of potential RIP LB. My father who is on his own took this extremely hard. After the funeral my wife and I would go and visit to make sure my dad was getting along. We were at his house one evening having dinner and unknown to me at the time my young son found my dads 9mm in the couch while looking for an action figure he had lost. My wife was with him and he handed her the weapon very gingerly telling her "gun". My wife gave my dad the gun and told him he needs to lock it up! He complied while we were there and my wife didn't mention it. She must have been busy or thought she had it resolved I guess.
    The next day I drive back over to my dads alone to help him pick up some landscaping and after we get back we go inside for bathroom break before planting. While my dad is in the bathroom I start looking in the couch for a toy gun, the very same one my son was looking for and was crying about not having on the trip home the night before, and find my dads loaded gun in the couch. Thinking my dad might be having thoughts of hurting himself through all the signs of depression he is showing, I decide to take the one in the chamber out and drop the magazine and put it on the coffee table to confront him with my suspicions. When he comes out of the bathroom I ask him why he has a chambered weapon in the crook of his couch, he gets all nervous picks up the weapon and tells me he hears noises out back like a coyote. Well I smell total bullshit as he is releasing the locked slide on his nine mm approximately three feet away from where I'm sitting. Now this all happens in a matter of seconds but it felt like an eternity. I backed into the couch as far as I could and told him adamantly that "dad you have one in the chamber". He told me that "it's ok, the safety is on" and proceeded to pull the trigger in an attempt to show just how ok it was. I remember seeing him pull the trigger of that weapon three times. Now I don't know how many of you out there have been on the business end of a nine mm three feet away from you and have it go off but time stops and the ringing slow motion is surreal! I felt an impact but my adrenalin was pumping already and I didn't feel the bullet wound right away so the first thing I do is stand up to check to see if my junk is still there! LOL!! I realize the bullet went through my hands between my legs and through the floor. I see my mangled fingers and I'm already in shock. Not really aware of my father I head for the sink Put direct pressure on my arms pressing on the corner of the counter, with my hands dripping blood in the sink. I become aware of my dad freaking out and fiddling with the gun. I yell at him to put the weapon on the counter and quit f ing with it, call 911 and sit down on the couch because police hear there was a gun shot accidental or not they come weapons ready and you better not be holding a gun when they get there!
    I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe my hands were traded for something much more precious to me.... My son. I also think that event may have saved my fathers life. Kind of like the ultimate intervention lol!
    Every day of life is a gift so enjoy every day as if its your last.
  2. That's fucked.
  3. He shot you in the hand? That's a neat story though better your hand than your son and if you don't mind can you post pics that seems pretty badass
  4. i hope the best for your hand and your family man. I'm really sorry to hear about your tragic series of events, at least the gunshot wasn't deadly to you, and your dad and son are okay.
  5. [quote name='"Kris Benwa"']He shot you in the hand? That's a neat story though better your hand than your son and if you don't mind can you post pics that seems pretty badass[/quote]

    Haha classic grasscity the second response is already asking for a picture.

    In all realness though, good luck with full recovery on the hand and good luck with your dad you should still talk to him about that gun situation.
  6. Crazy right?!! I'll try and find my pictures, this actually happened about five years ago and I've since healed nicely. The bullet went through my middle finger left hand through the middle knuckle and took off the pinkie on the other hand. My surgeon was able to put my knuckle back together with screws and an external fixater but now now the middle finger has no range of motion so I'm constantly flipping people off!! Lol I have to really be careful giving any kind of hand gesture with my left hand. When I got back to work though my boss would ask me to do something and I would give him a thumbs up with my left hand and also flip him off at the same time. He would say "that better be your bad hand" LOL!

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  7. Bullet entered top of middle finger and through my hands taking of the pinkie.

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  8. Still looking for the gruesome pics but here's some X-rays ....

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  9. Some people have no fucking business owning a firearm... Or even a car.
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