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  1. So this is me just venting about what just happened to me, and i want opinions also.

    Heres a little background, I'm 22,unemployed(since OCT),live with my parents and a soon to be father. Ive been actively looking for a job since i lost mine, ive driven to all the nearby stores, and im online filling out apps and sending out my resume for at least 5 hours a day. Regardless of being unemployed i spend $250 a month on groceries with the money i make from small jobs. I have an orientation for a job in two days.
    Now heres my story.

    Last night i came home, went in the fridge and saw some boiled eggs, i grabbed 2 and ate them and went to bed. Today im sitting here watching NCIS and my Dad comes in and ask me if i ate the eggs, i said yes. He starts yelling at me asking me if im too stupid to boil my own eggs,etc. I say im sorry and say that i wont grab anything from the fridge that i dont make. When i say that he explodes and starts yelling at me so loud that my dogs run out the room and he starts calling me a "fucking idiot","useless","worthless", and a "fucking cocksucker" and some other names. I didnt say anything just looked down, he storms out and then comes in two minutes later and yells some more.

    I understand weres he's coming from, i already do feel pretty shitty with the fact that im a soon to be Dad and barely getting another job thats minimum wage, but again i feel like he just judges me without even asking what goes on in my life. We live in the same house but we hardly talk, im the one that has to try and start a convo with him, when i explain anything that he judges me about he just says its an "excuse". Idk what to do.

    Sorry for the long rant, just had to vent. This shits getting to me.:eek:
  2. this was all over 2 fucking eggs?

    thats what.... 20 cents? 25 mins out of the day to make some more if that.....

    You didnt do shit.... that explosion is completely uncalled for, unless it was just the tipping point, but you seem pretty proactive about getting a job, and you pay for groceries and shit... so i dont see the problem

  3. Agreed.

    I can see being a little bit annoyed about someone eating the food that I was planning to eat, but certainly not enough to explode like that.
  4. damn incredible edible egg
  5. He's been like that because he thinks im not trying to find a job, he expects me to go drive around all day, he still doesnt understand that 80% of business have online apps only. And he doesnt listen when i try and explain.

    Merry Christmas to me! lmao
  6. It's probably just the time of year. As much as Christmas time makes people happy, it also causes a TON of stress. He probably just couldn't handle it, although that is pretty fucked up.

  7. Hes been like this i was a little kid, its gradually got worse as i get older. Idk for some reason this time it really got to me. Probly because i was expecting a better christmas :eek:
  8. Talk with your Mom! She may be able tell Dad to "cool it" without a huge blow-up, and she may have some interesting tales to tell! ;)

    My hubby's Dad used to pull the same sort of stuff. But one time, after he was gone from the room, the hubby's Mom leaned over toward us and told us that he had done exactly the same when the hubby was in diapers! :p We three had a laugh about it and didn't take him quite so seriously after that! We had caught him with his hypocrisy showing! :eek:

    You hang in there and just do the best you can! Try to keep the talk on "safe" subjects that you two can agree on (sports, cars, etc). My father-in-law and I did not see eye-to-eye, but I liked his garden, so we talked about that, and later, we could talk about the grandkids (endlessly).

    You have it worse than we did, we didn't live with the hubby's parents. (We bought an old milk truck and made it into a hippie camper! Lived in a travel trailer park.) But you won't be living with him forever, and you will find a job. Just keep focused on what you need to do!

    Illegitimi non carborundum, baby! :yay:

    Make sure your lady is taking her prenatal vitamins and Omega 3! There's a lot of reasons why this is good, but this one is enough for me - a baby with a cold is MISERABLE! :(

    [FONT=&quot]Prenatal Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements May Cut Babies' Colds Prenatal Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements May Cut Babies' Colds | Yahoo! Health[/FONT]

    (Her doctor will tell her that she shouldn't use Omega 3 around her due date because it can lessen your ability to form blood clots and he will be right.)

    Granny :wave:
  9. ur dad is a cunt. get a job, move out. be a better dad. profit?

  10. Move out and don't say shit to him after that, it'll hurt him way more than you think bro. Maybe he will realize how much of a cunt flap he has been
  11. While I can see both sides of the story (not eating someone else's food) I definitely agree he shouldn't have exploded at you like that.

    Sorry that happened though. I'm with my parents until the 6th, and my dad's been being a total dick too haha so I can kinda understand where you're coming from. Just let it go, that's what I do.

    Sounds kinda like being spineless, but just try to avoid putting yourself in these kind of situations. Granted, that's way easier said than done, but just try not to cross his path. I do the same thing, keeps my stress levels wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down. If I reacted in the same manner to some stuff my dad does as he does to some stuff I do (which is stuff I don't perceive to be bad, like making a fucking hot pocket haha), it'd be like a warzone. I mean there's already one angry guy in the house, what good would having 2 do?
  12. he waits until my moms not home to start bitching at me. She knows how he is too, they sleep in different rooms because of his attitude lol.

    He has his good days and bad days, theyve mostly been bad lately though.

    As for the prenatals i bought her some gummy ones that have all the Essential vitamins and omega oil. Im just waiting to get this job and save up to move out.
  13. Yea I feel like he over reacted a little bit. I feel that it's tough times but really two fucking eggs ain't shit.
  14. Ah man you fucked up. You should've thre a quarter at him and said, "keep the change."

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