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Other ways to get high WITHOUT SMOKING

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by liamfulton, Oct 3, 2013.

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    I understand this question has been asked a hell of a lot but I feel my circumstances differ enough to make this a legit post. 

    Basically, I don't drink because all it does really is make me feel ill. None of my friends are into weed so they don't understand why I am always talking about going somewhere where I will be able to smoke. We're going to a place this weekend that will be swarming with security and bouncers in the smoking area, so my question for you is, what other ways are there of getting high without smoking? I know I could cook brownies, however, I don't feel as if I have enough (can only afford an 8th a time on student living). Are there any other different or unusual ways of doing it and if so, what are your experiences whilst doing them and how long do they take to get you high? 
    Forgot to add you have to pay to exit and re-enter even though it was the entire reason for this post 
  2. You dont have enough to make any type of edible or tincture plus its not usually something super easy for someone to make either of those there first time. Tbh I would just smoke before or smoke there but not in the smoking section just go outside or something.
  3. Just smoke before you go

    I jerk off inside books and give life to words
  4. why don't you sneak tokes in the bathroom with a oney and ghost it.
  5. Y not vape? Bring a portable vape or a super tiny pipe? bring a tiny grinder n load up whenever. Ghost hit it
  6. Go huff Elmer's Glue. Heard it makes you trip bawls.
  7. Search forums for firecrackers.

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  8. i'm high on life lol

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