Other Things (Non Disposable) To Light With Than Lighters?

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  1. I know there's other threads about this topic but after searching I found nothing particularly useful to me.

    Soo I made a new one.

    I tried to light with candles, but the wax dripped down...on me..and the bowl.. :/ ha.

    Matches, no..

    I was thinking like a little stick to light once but then I'd always have to be getting new sticks and it might not even last the entire session. So, ah creative India's? Like a tiny torch or something haha?
  2. Hemp wick. I got a tiny 9 foot thing of it just to try it out and I love it. Other things people use are hakko irons, heated up glass rods, or using a magnifying glass with the sun to light it.
  3. Where do you get hemp wick? I have a spool of hemp string, does that work the same if I run some wax over it??

    Hmm you'd have to hold the rod with a mitt or glove, huh? Maybe make a little yarn handle for it :p
  4. If you send Bee Line an email asking for a sample with your address, they'll send you a pack or two. They make my favorite hemp wick :) I've actually been sending out CWS edition Bee Line hemp wick packs as a little thank-you prize to the folks who visit my Cannabis World Summit presentation segments for the last month or so :p
    Here's a sample vid, so you can see some hemp wick in use a few times (it's pretty straight forward :) )!
    First puff happens right away, the next shot of some beeline happens around 1:48, and another two puffs at 2:33 and 3:35. There's a little shout-out to GrassCity during some of the time-lapsed grow footage, too :D
  5. The hyperlink?
  6. I saw a small article in a high times a while back that discussed using lasers to light your bud. Not cheap or safe, but it looks awesome. Here's the lazer website that high times recommended: http://www.wickedlasers.com/
  7. this will totally be the norm in the future
  8. Those pieces you're hitting are sick! I love that zigzag bong you're hitting around 2:30.

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