Other than water in your bong?

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  1. Was recommended (since i love hennessy) to put this in the bottom of my bong to spice things up...before I wasted half of my fifth I wanted to ask you guys..has anyone every done this, or any reviews of trying something like this?
  2. it's a waste, it doesn't do anything
  3. stick to water. [:
  4. good to know
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    One time I accidentally used Tanqueray. I had some in a water bottle for ease when I went out and blazed a bit, drank a bit. Then I came home a few hours later and decided to smoke another bowl and listen to some music. Anyway, I had put the gin right beside my bubbler in the stash drawer and since I was already faded I forgot that bottle had gin and didn't notice 'til I was almost done the bowl. It actually felt soothing on my throat. Not something I wanna do again though.
  6. high quality h2o is the best, filtered threw a water filter is preferred but not mandatory

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