Other options if i cannot find neem oil ???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jazzysnak420, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. what are some other options? perhaps pre made, if i cannot find the ingredients to make my own solution for pest control ? would something like Scotts Ecosense Bug B Gon be a decent option or no?
  2. im seeing some pptions containing Pyrethrin at my local hydro store, but dont seem to see any neem, i will try wal mart!
  3. often too ask for Leaf Shiner its got lots of neem in it used by grannies on their pot plants ...lol

    good luck
  4. thanks:)
  5. Lady bugs , and nematodes are all I use - they keep me bug free
  6. Just got mine in Toronto from amazon
  7. I was hoping yo not have to order.. but hey. with Amazon it will probably here within 24 hours anyways Haha.. what did you go with ?

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  8. From what I have been gathering , spinosad seems to be a popular option ?

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  9. careful with the pyrethrin , it can burn the leaves .
    If you are in veg then insecticidal soap is very good , even a good blast with water will knock many bugs off.
    Hydrogen peroxide 3% at 1 part to 5 distilled water is good if you are in flower , there is no residue .
  10. hey @wombat# i just ended up going with a brand called Safers, its an insecticidal soap, containing 2.0% potassium salts of fatty acids, it seems as though you cannot buy spinosad , or neem oil in canada, i havent seen any more bugs since the first one but i gave them a blast with the soap anyways!
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  11. someone on here has listed this product as their first pick for pesticides that work.. thoughts? should i order on amazon to have on hand ? or just wait to see how the soap works ? Captain Jack's Deadbug Brew.
  12. This is what i use. Had a spider mite issue at the end of flower and this stuff got rid of them all in 24 hours, after 2 days the product smell was completely gone and no chemical taste when smoked and no black ash. Now i use this weekly as a preventative spray and don't have any issues. Warning this shit is very expensive and every hydro shop online has the same retail price, i have never found it on sale which sucks.
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  13. nice that sounds like it works extremely well ! i will see if i can find it in a canadian hydro shop! thank you !

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