Other high solvents for oil extraction???

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  1. I want to make honey oil this Fall. I don't want to produce green weed oil.
    The problem primarily is that I live in Spain, and the only butane refills available seem to be funnily-named brands from the Chinese shops. Any alcohol high enough seems to be denatured, as well.
    Additionally, I want to process what I guess will be a few kg of stuff into oil, and the whole butane in a pipe thing might be a bit unwieldy, no?
    I thought maybe some other high solvent used in the fashion of August West's or oldskoolgrower's stickys could be used. I am thinking about anhydrous acetone, chloroform, or maybe toluene.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Hexane is great. You can find it at professional painters stores.

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  3. order some butane from the US
    if you order in quantity they sell it cheap.
  4. I use hexane. In the US you can order 1 gallon for $15 from various chemical retailers online, I assume the same applies in other countries. It's one of the most widely used non-polar solvents in the world, used in hundreds and hundreds of commercial and lab processes.

    Be careful about any plastics you use in the process. I use PETE in limited amounts but mostly stick to glass jars and funnels.

    If you can get cyclopentane though that is even easier to work (perfect boiling temperature) and the fumes are healthier if you are going to be doing big quantities at once. Although I think with cyclopentane you can't even use PETE equipment... plus it's harder to find.

    Pentane is also a possibility and very easy to distill, but I was annoyed with how easy it fumed so I switched to Hexane.

    Butane is annoying to handle, difficult to recycle, and as far as I know doesn't have advantages over Pentane. Pentane is a good halfway point between the boiling points of Butane and Hexane. Just a little too low for my taste. That's why cyclopentane would be a dream (a bit higher BP than Pentane).
  5. dont use chloroform!!!

    iv used acetone in some of my extractions with no ill effects.
  6. If you want honey oil a non-polar gaseous solvent is the way to go. but, if you cant get butane, I cant think of many chemicals that you could get that would be easier to get than butane ( then again, ive never been to spain)

    many of the chemicals others have listed are liquids, and would dissolve to many unwanted particles to result in a product worthy of calling "honey oil" there all very non-polar, but the fact that their liquids suggest to be that theyll have the opportunity to dissolve other stuff besides THC. Especially acetone, that stuff is such a well rounded solvent that itll rip the crap ou of pretty much anything, so you wouldnt be able to achieve a product any better than your standard black/dark brown solid hash. The gas is essential IMO as the trichomes reside on the very outside of the buds, which is where the gases would be interacting with a solid, since the gasses can thus only grab the trichs on its pass, this causes a relatively low yeilding but veeeeerry potent product.

    chloroform would technically work well but Its dangerous stuff so dont try unless you know your informed enough in the chemistry to carry it out in a safe manner.

    honey oil, EVEN the massive amount you could yeild from multiple kilos, is not worth risking a toxic and sufficating death. after all, I think its what took down king kong in that one movie,

    and your not king kong.
  7. Does it seem odd to anyone else that there are actually individuals using hexane and butane and pentane to extract something they desire to ingest? I mean really would you rinse your apples in it? or wash your lettuce in it? The hexane you purchase from the paint supply store? Please!!!!! Have you bothered to review the chemical essay on industrial hexane? What is the exact percentage of undesired, non evaporated residual residues left behind from industrial grade butane hexane pentane or cyclopentane that is expectable for humane consumption??? Who originally pioneered this process? It sounds like something the government would propagate to help fulfill there delusions of the subject matter " It causes cancer" Well Not directly known to at this point in time, but extracting the Delta 9 with Industrial Butane Hexane Pentane or Cyclopentane will increase the potential for a possible connection by say 1000 times. People that work around this stuff wear filtered ventilators. Ok Ok Ok I know! You have to ask why???? I offer this! If you do not know enough about organic chemistry to extract and purify plant oils and resins with out using carcinogenic solvents then you need to slow down and think about what your doing! There are other routes far more adaptive for human consumption they may not conform to the right here and now, but it you spent 12 weeks growing it, what's a couple more days? I would really be tracking this process to its original source! Results NOW! Effects LATER!!!!!

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  8. we use pentane, but my bud works at a lab, its lab grade.
  9. I Believe Hexane is the number one used food-grade solvent. If you have ever used any cooking oil, I will guarantee you that it was most likely processed with Hexane.

    It is easy and cheap to get reagent grade Hexane, I buy it in 4L for $40, you can even get 4L of Anhydrous Hexane for $60.

    If you can find a safer non-polar solvent, then by all means try it, and let everyone know. Personally I use hexane simply because it's cheap, relatively safe and I can reuse it.

    As with all hydrocarbon solvents, there is a fire hazard, Hexane boils at 69C so it is easy to boil off using a double boiler system if its in the open, or a direct heat if its a closed system. It is immiscible with water so it is exceptionally good at removing the essential oils from Plants and little else.

    A new method I am going to try is double filtering the hexane/bud mixture into a bowl of water, then boil off the hexane leaving the hash oil and water, then just scoop up the oil. I hope that the water will help keep everything moving around making it easier for the hexane to boil off.
  10. im with dynosow-er, who would want to ingest anything after being soaked in any of those solvents, bleh! ill stick to ice water and bubble bags or the good ol screen and bucket method lol. but, to each there own
  11. Why is it at the first mention of the word " chemical" or "chemicals" people instantly think it is bad?

    Chemicals are wonderful things and if you had a basic understanding of chemistry, you would not fear them as you do. Already there have been posters who instantly think it is bad because they do not understand basic chemistry. Using triple distilled butane yields a product that is more than safe for human consumption, as confirmed through gas chromatography.

    I hear the same argument for chemical vs. organic pot, because people are mostly just plain ignorant. No, you cannot simply win this argument by saying one is natural and one isn't, which do you trust?

    The world would not be where it is without the use of these "evil" chemicals. They are something to be respected and used as tools. To attempt to stigmatize them and say that they do not make safe products simply because they are not "natural" is akin to practicing voodoo and believing in superstition.

    Another solvent I have not seen mentioned is petroleum ether, this can be used to make some of the most potent cannabis extracts in conjunction with isomerization... However the use of this liquid can be EXTEREMLY DANGEROUS due to it's flammability, but if handled correctly, it is quite safe.
  12. Petroleum Ether is more of a misnomer as it is not an Ether, and should be referenced as Benzine (not Benzene). It is a mixture of alkanes, mostly Pentane. Also, it slightly less efficient than n-Heptane at dissolving oils due to its slightly higher solubility in water, which is almost negligable when comparing the two, but why not go for the best?

    To the people complaining about using chemicals, pretty much all the solvents discussed here are Organic Solvents, and I can guarantee you have eaten foods that either have these Solvents in them, or have been cooked with a compound (i.e. Cooking Oils) that was processed using these Solvents. So stop complaining if you don't know what you are talking about.
  13. 'Are you still busy in the shed dear food is ready'.

    'O.K dear, I'm just using some petroleum ether to make some mind blowing oil'.

    'Don't be long then'.

    BANNGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    'Are you O.K dear!?'

    'Are you there dear!? Half the street has been destroyed!?'

  14. iive made hash oil/honey oil many times and maney ways the best solvents that ive found are naptha, 99% alcohol and butane naptha will be the chaepest way to go with the most yeild..................mr

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