Other forums make me facepalm

Discussion in 'General' started by ManyBlunts, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Pony lovers:
    Danger of Proud Bronyism

    Pokemon are real (been posted here):

    Anyone got more? There's nothing like cruising a forum where everyone seems to be batshit crazy.
  2. nothin wrong witht hat man. some people just choose to have fun in different ways. there are much worse ones than that, like a columbine forum that glorifies eric harris and dylan klebold. THOSE people are batshit crazy. not pony lovers.
  3. Grass city apprentice tokers. Your face and palm will be sore.

  4. It appears we have a pony lover :p
  5. You have angered Pikachu.:cool:
  6. You mean there are other forums!

    How big is this internet thing?

  7. [​IMG]

  8. bronies what the fuck? if i ever found out a friend of mine was involved with this shit....well i dont think we could be friends anymore.
  9. the funny part is the people on the Pony lover forum who have like 10,000+ posts.

    how much sh*t can you say about a fuckin pony man

  10. Or Pandoras box
  11. oh my fucking god that pokeclipse forum is the single greatest thing ever

    "Last week I was walking with my friend to his house and there is this shortcut we take sometimes that has tall grass next to it. Like always, I ran through the grass (because that's where wild pokemon are.) Anyway my left foot hit something on the ground-
    I stopped running and turned around right away, and what did I see. I saw a green foot sticking out from behind some grass, and leaves less than 10 feet away!!!! I knew it was Scyther because he is my favorite pokemon and I've been calling for him softly under my breath for almost 5 months now (bug pokemon are known to have supersonic hearing). I started to approach Scyther but I knew it would be hard because he is an extremely fast and agile and sometimes stealthy pokemon. When I got there he had replaced his foot with a green stick that looked exactly the same. I still can't beleive he could move that fast! I'm going back there this weekend, any tips for sneaking up on him??"

    "I was looking for a Teddiursa in the neighborhood forest today. I think I actually did see one, but I couldn't capture it because all I had on me was a wrench."

  12. Fuck that forum the layout is terrible

  13. The best part is that (supposedly) the people who started the forum created it to troll whack jobs and little kids who think pokemon are actually real. They post stories like that and then watch as all the other members post their "real" stories and probably lol their asses off.
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what happened with the flat earth society?
  15. As much as they may make you "facepalm"

    They themselves could be thinking the exact same thing, looking down upon us.

    Does it make this forum better? No.

    There is no need to say "These are lesser than this!"

    They are still forums, which just so happen to be preferred by other people.

    -Tea Guru
  16. So much hate.

    Lets all stay calm, smoke a joint,
    and respect other peoples obsessions.:smoke:

  17. a brony walks among us :bolt:

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