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  1. Does anyone know if there are any other ways to make extracts/hash, other than iso,bho,pressed and handrolled?
  2. There are about 100 ways but I'm not going to waste my time naming them and then being ask to write a 6 page explination, just do whats on the forums, others are more complicated. and you get the same results......the best etraction methods are the ones you know about.
  3. From what i hear the best is co2 extraction but i dont know i cant get the machine running
  4. anybody here
  5. if you want to venture out with your extractions, you can always think outside the "hash" box.
    Make a tincture, aka Green Dragon. Its fairly time consuming, but when its ready to use, trust me, you'll forget about all the time it took waiting on it to be ready.
    Check youtube for a tutorial on the 30 or 60 day method, as i have found these (longer) processes much more effective than the "instant" tincture recipe. :wave:

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