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  1. Pill bottles are great for weed
    Btw they also sell peyote seeds
  2. Dude the batteries are cool as shit. You could fool anybody with that shit, prolly only hold half a gram each but whatever.
  3. I know bro
    Peyote seeds? Have fun growing them for about thirty years first.

  4. It would be so worth it when you finally can eat it

  5. LOL exactly. some places sell plants already going. Guess that cuts off a few years lol
  6. the store =/= the forum, a mod pointed this out before
  7. True, but wasn't the reason for other drugs being banished to help maintain an image of what grasscity is? Like "we didn't want to give the idea that stoners are all drug abusers" or something like that?

  8. I wonder how many people on here have bought from the store?
  9. I blow all my money on weed. :smoke:
  10. Im about to go spend R700.00 which is almost $90.00 on some dope going to be a goooood night
  11. The cactus plant san pedro is not illegal, Only mescaline itself is illegal. In Australia atleast
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    I can see where you're coming from :) On the surface it may seem like an almost-hypocrisy, but it's not. Laws are different in different areas, and the store and forum are two separate entities that serve very different purposes; the store is providing goods for consumers to use at their discretion, privately, and the forum is for the open discussion of allowed topics. They restrict sales of certain substances based on consumer location, as well.. even in the shop, they try to have a little order and take a little responsibility for the business they accept.
    But the forum, being open to everyone who can access it from varying regions around the globe, regardless of age, benefits even more (as do its owners and operators) from having the few extra guidelines.

    It comes up, all the time. But there are a hundred and one reasons it's good, that the discussion of other drugs is gone..

    People giving incorrect dosage information, for one.

    With canna, the worst thing that can happen if you over-do it, is you get a little anxious, and then have a great nights sleep. Not quite so, for most other substances. When it was allowed, people persistently couldn't manage to follow the few simple rules there were for maintaining the discussion of other substances, so the best solution was to ban it all together.

    And, at least on the canna related forums I moderated for in the past, we were generally trying to maintain the vision than cannabis is NOT like other drugs, at all, in that it's incredibly tame as far as the actual/desirable effects go in comparison to other substances, and even more tame, when you take into consideration the lack of injuries, side effects, abuse etc. Even caffeine kills more people than canna, so do most other drugs, and the 'authorities' are less likely to give forum operators sh*t, if they operate solely on canna. Being in the spotlight is hard enough, without drawing so much negative attention.

    You should respect the people who've brought you this site, if you enjoy it. While the dangers can be limited and hosting can be relatively safe, they still do it at some amount of personal risk.
    If they decide discussion of other drugs will not be tolerated, you should respect that, or find a forum that better suits your needs. There are plenty that do allow the discussion of other topics :)
  13. I got a San Pedro years ago. Very tiny little seeds. I sprouted it and had it for years. I cut it in half and it started to sprout babies.

    I finally gave them all away because I kept accidentally sticking myself. I knew I was never going to consume it anyway.

  14. I don't see a problem with selling a "pill case"

    You can't get addicted to pill cases

    or overdose on a pillcase

    and they're nice spots to hide your bud

    Why is it a big deal?
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