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Discussion in 'General' started by rockingbird, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. It seems to me that weed is WAY overrated around here (meaning no offense.) Has anyone around here experience other psychedelics such as Ketamine, PCP, MDMA? What about certain mixtures between them? Let's hear about it!
  2. I want to try shrooms but as of right now I have ony done weed.
  3. Never had any special K or PCP, I never felt the urge to go looking for em, but if someone brought them to me I'd be willing to try them (well, not PCP while I'm on probation, they test for that).

    MDMA is pretty fun, but I think it's overrated. I enjoy it, but some people just seem to be obsessed with it.

    Shrooms are the shit, my favorite drug after weed if I had to choose 1. I love how I'm just constantly learning while I'm shrooming.

    Acid is cool, but I like shrooms better. Everyone tells me I must have had weak acid, but whatever.

    To me, weed isn't overrated. I love it. I love smelling it, tasting it, kissing it, smoking it, breaking it up, rolling it into blunts or joints, packing it into bowls, everything. I love being high so much.

    Whoops, left out DXM! It's fun, and there's so much more to it than I experienced my first few times...it's the only drug that SERIOUSLY intensifies with higher doses...it gives almost completely different effects for very high doses vs. low doses, and either way it's so much fun...
  4. My first experience was with shrooms... I prefer it highly (haha HIGHly) over pot. It expands my enlightenment... while pot makes me dumber, weed's fun, but I dont prefer it. You need to try psychedelia, its beautiful. (and you can still think straight on it)
  5. weed isnt over rated at all, sometime i just want something else.

    shroomies and acid and dxm are the only other things ive done. DXM i usually do everyother week 1 bc its easy as hell to get, just walk to the store 2 bc i love the trips
  6. I don't think weed is overrated at all. I love everything about it, and there is no potential risk for serious life threatening addiction. My drug of choice however is any opiate. Opiates are soo much better than weed but they are so damn addicting. Like with percocets I find that if they are in the house I will take them without even thinking about the repercussions of taking too many from my dad.
  7. Yea I wanna try shrooms....that's about it
  8. I've expiremented a lot with many drugs and combinations.
    Shrooms, lsd, cocaine, meth, adderol, mescaline, mdma, lsa, 2c-b, dob, foxy, lots of pharms, opiates, etc.. My absolute favorite trip was mescaline and molly (after the puking fit.)
  9. Weed is definitely my preferred drug. MDMA is my next preferred drug.
  10. i think weed is the most fun drug out of all of them that i have tried, i like it because its just so exciting. you get to prepare it, pack up the bowl, roll the joint, or waht ever. and i like the fact that you can get fuckin awsome blown glass pieces, somtimes i just sit there and look at my piece when im high, and admire its beauty, smoking weed can kind of be more of a hobby, than a drug i think.
    ps. my fuckin piece broke yesterday, i guess im ganna have to bust out my j skills for a while untill i get a new one
  11. Ok, some questions: What does adderol do to you? What's lsa? What form does 2c-b come in and how do you take it? and What the hell is dob, foxy and pharms? Thanks bro.
  12. Adderal is speed. It basically makes your body release a ton of adrenaline for a couple hours. Fun shit, but don't get hooked if you know what's good for you.

    LSA is Lysergamid. Ever heard of Morning Glory? Anyway, I've never tried it, but it's supposed to be like a weak acid trip.

    I've seen 2C-B in a powder and in pills.

    Foxy is 5-MeO-DIPT. It's a research chemical. I don't really know much more about it, except that someone once told me that it was a pretty erotic trip.

    I don't know what dob is.

    Pharms = Pharmaceuticals. Prescription drugs that make ya feel groovy. Adderal would be considered a pharm.

  13. DOB is an RC (research chemical.) The effects are similar to 2c-b over a much longer period. Oh, and it can come on blotters and be mistaken for LSD. It has a much more bitter taste than acid, and takes roughly twice as long to kick in. LSA wasn't really worth the time it took to extract.
  14. Adderall is speed when you take the pill, preferably the 25mg one with the orange beads in it, crush them up and snort it.
  15. DXM is definitely a drug on my to do list

  16. Ew. The XR pills (the little beads are for extended release) are a PAIN IN THE ASS to crush up.. when I used to do adderal, I'd only do the 30mg tablets.
  17. Do ANY of you regret experimenting with and travelling into the alternate realities of Psychedelia? Or perhaps regret the use and experiementation of certain kinds of drugs. Any words of warning for those with open minds?
  18. Meth will fuck you up permanently after being up 4 straight days.

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