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Discussion in 'General' started by overgrowray, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. I know i shouldn't really go off the topic of marijuana but i gotta ask anyways. Whut other drugs do some of you do , i try to draw the line at using only drugs that can be grown. Does anyone here grow anything other than marijuana, poppys, and salvia? I'm really interested in growing just about anything i can.
  2. Ive grown or currently grow..

    opium poppies
    coca leaves
    calea zachatechichi

    (thats all I can think of...if I remember more ill edit)
  3. I've never heard of calea zachatechichi or wormwood, whut are they like? Are they easy to grow? I think my dad is going to start growing tabacco because he won't quit smoking and he doesn't have the money to buy smokes anymore. I wanna try growing mushrooms when i get my own place, i can't wait.
  4. oh and whut did you do with the coca leaves, i heard you couldn't really get high from them unless you make coke from them.
  5. wormwood has a checmical called Thujone, its a psychoactive substance but its also poisonous in large quantities. Its one of the main ingredients in the old european green liquer Absinthe.
    Calea is "dream herb", smoked and/or used as tea, it gives a nice buzz plus it produces very lucid and colorful dreams...

    coca leaves are no where near as potent as cocaine thats for sure, but if you chew a couple of them, or if you use them in tea theyre like a really strong cup of coffee...workers in south america and other places chew the leaves all day while plowing fields to keep energized. But I havent grown them for about a year now, the seeds are too hard to find, even on the internet.
  6. did somebody say you can smoke saliva?!?!?!.......*Spits in bong, takes hit, dies*............................
  7. cool. Hey uh i'm into body art, whut kinda drug would be good to take before i'd get a tattoo or another piercing. I always wanted to ask that but kept forget'n. Oh today was a good day i ended up finding a 8th for $25, thats a fuckin good deal right around here now.

    I was going to grow coca plants but then i found out you really couldn't get high from them so then i looked up how to make cocaine, and it seems like a fuckload of work but i know i could make it, i just really don't want to mess with anything like that right now.

    I'm bored.... i'm watching cops..... i love this show ! ! !
  8. well, most legit. tattoo parlors wont tattoo you if you're obviousely drunk (Ive heard it thins your blood too much and the blood wont clot or something similar)..and as for other drugs it might go the same...but if I had to pick one it'd have to be a butt load of opium...kills the pain like nothing else can
  9. how hard is it to find poppy seeds and grow opium?
  10. yeah i heard it wasn't good to get drunk before getting a tattoo. I figured opium could be used as a pain killer.

    i got your letter today, everythings all good. Would Calea grow good in a window? I have like 5 windows i think in my garage, there like 4 ft tall and get direct light around 1pm till the sun goes down.
  11. when he wrote saliva he meant salvia.
  12. yeah i was just typin fast, and i fixed it... i think
  13. sweet you got it already?..that didn't take too long. Yeah calea grows like a weed, so it needs very little care...the hardest part is getting its seeds to sprout, maybe it was something I was doing, but the calea seeds took forever to germinate, but after I got them to, they grew like hell. As long as they get a decent amount of light they should be fine. Which direction are the windows facing? South is best, east and west are better and north is the worst. But even if they're facing north, they should still get enough light.
  14. how hard is it to get poppy seeds and grow opium?
  15. Yeah that didn't take long at all to get. I really didn't think it was going to come today i almost didn't go out to get the mail. I was going to plant some of the seeds today but my mom came home early from work so i couldn't get anything done. Tomorrow i should get some started though. I'm not sure whut direction the window is facing... i'll find out later. Everything should be fine, thanks again man you have been a lot of help.

    Spaceman Spliff i really don't know were you could get poppy seeds at, i'm going to start some poppys soon and the seeds i get from that batch i can give out. But that will probably be a while. Go to www.erowid.org, it has grow guides on all sorts of plants.
  16. well I just had a thread recently called something like "poppas poppies are ready to be popped" spaceman..if you can find that I talk more about making opium growing etc. and like overgrowray said, the best place to start would be to read up on www.erowid.com, or go to www.poppies.org and ask people in that forum about opium poppies.

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