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Discussion in 'General' started by Cornflake, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. I mean besides sweet sweet mj.
    I can't really get ahold of any mainstream drugs atm but I would like to contribute something to a newyears party I'm going to.
    Does anyone know some sold in stores things I could buy and extract in preparation (If not just for me and a couple of friends to trip on). I'm not sure DXM would be a good idea, I've heard a few good things about anise and fennel seeds, but apparently it's not a large effect in safe doses. I was going to make absinthe but I don't have a still.
    Thanks to anyone who replies.

  2. what would you exactly classify as mainstream drugs??

    and as to this..... i say, its newyears, you should be drinking... it's the thing to do... get bent, some some with some close friends..... and get some loving... you always have to bring in the new year with a bang...:D
  3. by mainstream, I mean mainstream street drugs. Alcohol is not a problem. But I like to try something more each new years (that and I have a party week starting on jan 5 and I need some ideas).
    Don't worry I always bring in the new year with a bang.
  4. Mainstream drugs like what? ecstacy, acid?

    Get some drinking and alot of smoking if you can't get alot of other drugs, just take whatever you get and have a good time.
  5. Why not try heroin? :)
  6. Stick wit the herb, people who start off on mj and move on to higher class drugs aren't helpin the legalization movement, they just support the theory that mj is a gateway drug, if that failed to change your mind, then you should just think about what you are goin to do, why are you doin it? bored of the highs of MJ? lay off it for a few weeks, let your tolerance go down or something.

  7. His decision to try other drugs really is going to have no effect on the legalization movement, it's never going to be made legal anyway.

    If he wants to try other drugs, let people experiment.

    There's more than 1 drug out there, why stick to one?
  8. Guess I was unclear. I can't get ahold of any illegal drugs at the moment (with the exception of speed which I have no need for). I'm not at home until jan 5 and I was looking for something else I could find. But anywho, it's not so important now... I have found quite a large supply of codiene.
  9. through which process?

    Are you extracting the codeine from pain relief tablets?
  10. If you have a really bad migrane after your party, codeine might be a good idea for helping with pain relief... but for enjoyment reasons... not bloody likely...

    Mind you, if you fancy spending a couple of hours in the kitchen here's a top recipe:

    1. Buy as many bananna's as you can get your hands on.
    2. Skin the bananna's and do what you like wih the fruit.... you could even eat them if that's your thing.
    3. Take the skins and scrape all the pulp from the insides until you have enough to fill half a decent sized pot with with.
    4. Add 1/2 water and simmer/boil for about an hour or two until you basically get a gloopy mess.
    5. Take the gloopy mess and pour it out onto a baking tray which has been prepared with silver foil.
    6. Stick it in the oven pretty much as hot as you can get it and leave it until it crystalises and goes black (but not overly burnt)... keep an eye on it at this stage.
    7. Smoke the remains with a bong...

    Basically, it's full of an agent called bananadine which is a mild hallucinogenic... and when I say mild, it all depends on how much you smoke.... one bowl is worthless, you might start feeling a little light headed but that's about it. After 4 however, you should start noticing some pretty cool effects... then just keep going.


  11. LOL i can get most drugs but not speed none of my dealers seem to have it ever its annoying cos ive only tryed it once

    codeine, yer my m8 stole aload of that off his mum he had it when getting drunk and he said it was prity good.
    that DXM is ment to be good its from cough syrup

    im getting some coke for my new years party i aint realy tryed that properly so it should be good fun :D
  12. lol...bananadine...
  13. bananadine what a load of bullshit....
  14. Will bananas get you high? Of course not. The whole thing was a hoax first publicized in the Berkeley Barb in March 1967. The wire services, and after them the whole of the USA, fell for it hook, line, and roach clip. "Smokeouts" were held at Berkeley. The following Easter Sunday, the New York Times reported, "beatniks and students chanted 'banana-banana' at a 'be-in' in Central Park" and paraded around carrying a two-foot wooden banana. The Food and Drug Administration announced it was investigating "the possible hallucinogenic effects of banana peels."

    The outcomes of the FDA study have not been widely published. However, in November 1967 researchers at New York University reported that a chemical analysis of banana peel was found to contain no intoxicating chemicals and that the high was psychological. So in basic terms, the whole thing was a put-on. I'll bet even the pranksters at the Barb didn't expect suckers to be falling for it 35 years later. Then again....
  15. get some herb, alcohol (tequila, rum, vodka, etc) not beer, and some lsd or shrooms...


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