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Discussion in 'General' started by Shogun2002, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Do any of u tokers here take any other drugs? I dont, only alcohol and cannabis of course,tried salvia a few times though.

  2. i only smoke. dont drink, and dont want to. alcoholism runs in my family, fucked up my dads life. he was doing heroin and coke too, bad shit. i might try shrooms but probably not for a while. and if i find anyone around here who deals salvia maybe ill try it too.
  3. hey brian, salvia divinorum is legal...just order it from the net...
  4. Im gonna try and go natural only, like cannabis, shrooms, salvia, and peyote. Definitly not gonna go into crack, coke, and heroine.
  5. I've done a lot of things;
    weed (b'durp!)

    but I would never do the first 3 things ever again...I'm sticking with weed and the occasional DXM trip...I would probably do acid if I could find it, but it's so rare to find here that I hardly ever think about it.
  6. Yes, I've drank alcohol before, but aside from that, I have never done anything other then weed. I don't really even like alcohol that much, leaves me too clouded and fuzzy.
  7. Is alcohol realyl hard for you americans to get? Im irish and its not hard at all to get over here, the drinking country.
  8. lets see here...
    weed of course
    not very much at all

    *wish list*

  9. Coke is natural, it comes from a plant. Same with heroin.
    Coke is like the thc chrystals from the Coca Plant.

  10. nyeah, thats true...... but ehn they both get processed as hell..... so by the time you buy its allmost 100% chemicals and added fillers....

  11. Here in America, alcohol cannot (legally) be sold, possesed by, or consumed by anyone under the age of 21. For those over 21, it's a breeze to get alcohol, but for those under 21 it can be a pain in the ass unless you know a few people who are over 21.

  12. Yeah, thats what I was gonna say.
  13. Pot
    chronic bowls

    Thats it, and thats as far as its gunna go. I dont even smoke chronic really anymore....I smoke weed and shroom about 3 times a week, shrooming that is...I smoke almost everyday=P
  14. No man, its only processed and cut up if you get it from shitty street dealers like im guessing you do? The rich men who are sniffin the good stuff is where you look but its pretty hard to find contacts just out of the clear blue. I've had some pure coke, literally pure coca leaves and chrystals. So yeah coke is pure....

    If you wanna talk about processed chemicals and shit, then there's chrystal meth and lsd.
  15. I love opiates. Like vicodin and such. Painkillers, ya know? Pop 3-4 and.. I dunno how to describe it. I like to feel like nothing.

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