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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. I jus dont crave em, They jus aient for me anymore.

    Im depressed and stressed but trying to be postive and be happy.

    Lost my baby girl and my daughter 2 days before my birthday, Its now 14 minutes into the 4th day from my birthday. So basically 5 days ago i lost them both, Didnt think itd be more permenanent but know im wondering cuz shit aient changing but i aient gon run after her cuz i aient a bitch *****.

    But sittin here thankin, Wrecked as fuck off brews.

    Drank a 40 of natty ice, Then a 40 of 211 HG, Now a 40 of KC and smoked a blunt and a joint and about 2 grams or so out of bowls of good herb throughout the day.

    Been fucked up all day on trees and wrecked on brews since bout 9.

    Forgot i ripped a natty ice 22 in the shower at 8:40. Then ripped into the natty ice 40 at 9.

    But im wrecked as fuck, Smokin weed as freely as i want, As much as i want, Really more then i need cuz im fuckin jus toasted gone.


    Watchin 'The War At Home' on AllUc.

    Cuz fuck television when you got the internet man, I dont need a tv, Fer real. Save some money ya herd.

    But i dont need other drugs man, Im perfectly happy here, Dont need pills or shit to get lost, When i get to drunk latley i wanna pound water and if its late ill sleep after.

    Im drunk so ima end it here.
  2. 40 of king cobra shit bro u must be depressed...weed has been my drug of choice tho im up to get down with some shrooms..just finding them is a bitch
  3. Yeah man FUCK a TV I got my laptop music drugs and GC
  4. Fa sho. I came to the same thoughts as you a couple months ago. I quit the llello the pills all that shit. I relapse and shit and have to grab few methadones but its never worth it after it.
  5. when's your birthday my *****? mines in the 19th.. on the real though, I just stick to drinking, but I'll still get down on some drugs.
  6. Yeah, just bud for me. I don't even drink that much really. And a few pills here and there :p

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