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other cars besides american....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Kwaidan, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. what about Toyota? then you can "get the feeling"
  2. I have a nice' (Nissan) pick up. I have always had that feeling!
  3. i suppose getting a RAM wouldnt be so bad
    hhm well maybe i could get the feeling
  4. Yea you can dodge it then ram it!!
  5. naw,naw i got the feeling
  6. I new you were a Toyota fan. I remember a pic of the paint job!
  7. oooh yes, ...notbad for a bunch of old heads eh?
    terrible picture of me but a nice paint job eh?
  8. I don't remember the paint job. I just remember you and you saying a new paint job.

    You caught my attention though.
  9. oh how i love buttkissers
  10. you know you noticed the paint job!
  11. I just remember the cover.. or not so much of!

    I already knew you loved butt kissers!
  12. Oldschool imports are the shit. I got a '90 honda crx, an '89 nissan 240sx and i used to race an '86 Honda Prelude. I built an '86 toyota trecel a few years ago and it was a sweet ride. This spring i'm gonna try and run some rallycross events with my CRX.
  13. i had the feeling pick up for a while, i beat the shit out of it
  14. Dodge is becoming the other non-american truck.

  15. Where are you at again Toosy? I wish they had more rally stuff around this part of the US. Nothing but rednecks, mud bogs and the occasional sprint car stuff around here.

    I'd love to try rally for real, I've done a fair amount of my own rallying, (i.e. getting a buzz, going out and blowing around the backroads and pastures.) It's a blast and I guess I ain't too bad at it. I rarely tear anything up. Of course, there are those that say if you don't crash every once in awhile you're not going fast e'nuff!:)


    Back to the original thread.............

    Patch is set up in 99 Accord, and ol' blue is an 86 Nissan pickemup. Tough lil' SOB! 186,000 miles and still purrs like a kitten, (yeah, it's my rally truck!)

    Had a dude standing looking at it one day when I came outta the store. He looked up and said "86?"

    I said "yeah" thinking how weird this was cause it was'nt like I was driving a '57 chevy, or a 66 'stang or anything!

    He told me he worked on the Alaskan Pipeline for years, and told me how it killed every American truck they ever got. He drove 1 Nissan for entire his working life there.

  16. I have a 90 Nissan truck that I just gave my oldest son 4 months ago. 110,000 miles and haven't had to do muck but brakes and oil changes. Still an excellent truck.

    I have a ford 99-- 550 and an 02 excursion. Both have 50,000 plus miles. I have had to have work done on both evey now and then!

    They don't make them like they used to.
  17. They run rallycross near me just outside tucson out in the desert on the 2nd weekend of every month. Autocross is the third sunday of the month from about march to november. They run at my work and i work sundays, but soon i'm gonna get sundays off and do some racing there.

    I used to "redneck rally" with my tercel, my ford tempo, ford f150 truck, ford ranger, and i give my crx a healthy offroad workout occasionally and I wring it out coming over a twisting high altitude mountain pass, sometimes catching some sweet air over the first crest i hit.

    Iused to run my Prelude at the 1/8 mile strip at Immokalee Speedway and was able to run the same times as modified civics with a car 10 yers older haha.

    Some of the most fun cars to drive tho was my friend's '79 porsche 928s4 euro that was dynoed at over 750RWHP and would 0 to 60 in 3 seconds flat. We used to go out and fuck shit up on any domestic on the road, and being able to feather the throttle and spin the wheels at over 60mph and pull away from blown 5.0's, vettes, not much could challenge it, and nothing around had that much torque it was viscious!!

    At the same time i had a '75 Benz 450SLC with the fuel injected aluminum V8 and in-dash tuning access. Both rides were imports so were still marked in german and were tuned for autobahn driving. I used to be able to set my cruise control in my benz at 160mph and make good time, and one night while finding out "how fast is this porsche?" I passed a cop sitting on the side of the road as i was accelerating through 170mph

    I also owned an '86 Isuszu Impulse that was absolutely the funnest car i have ever driven. I bought this thing for $100 cash when my POS bonneville blew up (literally, it exploded on the highway and launched off the ground, blwe hood off, valve covers flew away and i never found the dipstrick). Once i finished the road trip i got some new z rated sticky tires on the ride and took it out in the open desert and found out that a $100 car will take you 155mph through the open desert and still get 30mph to the gallon, pretty sweet, and it had enough torque to break that ass loose and drift real smooth. I've rally driven that car hard all over arizona, and i mean hard, 70mph sideways over jumps and shit, one day i was drifting around this wide sweeper in the desert and hit a railroad crossing at insane speed. The car flew sideways for 50 to 60 feet, about 5 feet high , landed and continued to drift like a WRC car it was an amazing vehivle, and will undoubtedly remain "the best $100 i ever spent"

    My dad had an '84 toyota 4wd truck with a 3" lift kit and some beefy tires and one week we took a trip from lake alamo, arizona to sequoia, california over nothing but empty desert, like 200+ miles of desert at full throttle, jumping gaps, clawing up insane climbs and just blasting thru desert at like 60mph+ The rest of the week we spent offroad all over socal and back to arizona through the sand dunes. It was sweet.
  18. hey what about the brithih just gotta love the TVR tuscan and Aston Martins as well.....TVR brought out some new supercar that makes the McLaren F1 look like a moped.....something ridiculous like a top speed of 280+mph......Peace out....Sid

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