OTBs First Grow - Indoor - Grapefruit, PK & a Bullrider!

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    Greetings all, this will be my first post and first thread here at these fantastic forums!

    I have been lurking for many moons now, slowly increasing my knowledge of the trade year after year, along with my friends, we have slowly been honing our skills

    In the past we have played with outdoor growing, seeing how it was really the only option we had, and with great success! But it is now the present, and the present holds indoor experimentation for me!:smoke:

    I have been given a great chance to play indoors, and so far so good! I have recently been quite busy, but have now made time to begin my grow journal. Got ahold of a digi cam, and here we are!

    I guess Ill begin my explaining my situation! I will be posting pics as time goes on, and hopefully you all enjoy my time as much as I have, and almost as much as ive enjoyed reading all about your amazing grows! :D

    Ive converted my shop into a constantly growing project, slowly but surely turning it into my ideal grow room. The room is about 20x20x8, with a few closets and shelves, and sink. A mother room is connected, which is about 4x12x8. Overall its quite ideal, but we had a mishap the other day concerning the placement of the doorway, but ill get to that later. I have a generously sized carbon filter sitting up top, and Ive got fans running all over the place

    Im currently running 2 1000w HPS for my flowering ladies, and a 1000w MH in the mother room, which houses about 10 beautiful mums and a healthy share of fresh vegging clones. Im vegging about 5 Purple kush moms, 4 grapfruit and 1 fantastic looking Afghani Bullrider (Which we just took some clones off of) :D

    Now for my first rounders! Currently at 23 days 12/12, i have 1 grapefruit and 2 purple kush, all 3 of which i vegged about about a month and a half before flowering. The grapefruit, measuring in at about 1.5ft tall looks and smells amazing, and is budding a bit quicker than the PK, which i what ive been expecting. The kush on the other hand are both about 4.5 feet tall now, with a little bit of LST done on them because they were getting a little close to the light at one point, when i had the bulb sitting over top. I now hang a HPS bulb from the ceiling and it hovers about 2 feet over the ground in between the 3 plants, much like a small make-shift vert idea. So far they seem to like it alot.

    Starting last week I began my first sea of green, which consists of just under 40 grapefruit clones. They are about 9 days in now and are all looking fantastic. This will also be my first step into hydro, and will be automating it shortly. The plants are in rockwool blocks, and because i forgot to mention it so far, i am using Advanced Nutes all around, with high quality soil from a local shop :)

    Ever since getting it up and running, things have been going great, they have been a pleasure to watch grow, and ive done my best to ensure a healthy environment for the these girls. Unfortunately, all learning experiences are roller coasters (or props to those of you who get through life without any issues ;)).

    Last saturday i had to go out of town for a couple of nights, and "*Joe*" sadly left the door to the mothers room open on sunday night. Light flooded in from the running MH for a good many hours, making direct contact with the 2 kush plants and my SOG, but not having direct contact with the GF. there were periods of time that they had total darkness, but obviously it was a rather large ratio ; ) Like ive mentioned before, these plants have been treated very well, and im hoping it didnt stress them too much, but if it did, oh well, we all know what that means, and there no point in letting it get us down.

    *Joe is a partner and a great guy, but being rushed and stressed took its toll, and the damage has been done. I put the guilt on him, but no need in taking it any further : )

    And now for some pics! Suggestions and comments welcome, and thank you for reading!

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    Sorry about the image sizes guys, working on it, slowly but surely :D

    Budshots incoming!!

    A few of these are at day 17, and the others are from today, day 23

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  3. I really think your fine on the light cycle.. I would watch for a couple male flowers but no worries.. Every thing looks really good.. I hope the hydro goes over well.. Thats a lot of sea of grean
  4. Thats more like a sea of purple.
    Good shit!!
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    Thanks guys!

    So far, no sign of pollen sacs, so heres hopin for the best! :smoke:

    Ill be throwing up some pics of my moms soon, more specifically the bullrider, which i think is a fantastic looking plant.

    And heres a couple more budshots!:D

    The left side is the kush, the right would be the grapefruit

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  6. Sounds and Looks like you've done your research. Now I just can't wait too see the results.. You are gonna yield!!!!

    Poor Joe. He must be so ashamed....
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    Haha yeah dude, joe is feelin pretty bad about it, but im not overly worried, patience will reward well enough

    Im just so glad it wasnt further in, that truly would have been a pain ; )

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