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Chronic Pain OsteoArthritis Cannabis and pain: a Journal.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tzorge, Apr 20, 2018.

  1. so i am leaving today for 12 days permaculture!
    Hope all will be well with my grow.

    I am not sure how often i will be posting.
    Woke up again at 1/10 pain even though last night I stupidly hurt my hands while cooking and had to deal with a couple of hours of 8-9/10.
    Will be dosing cbd/cbda as well as GD and the THC 6% oil i have. But i wont have a smoothie for the entire period i am there. It will be interesting to note any differences.

    Vaping will be much harder there i suspect, but we'll see.
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  2. Good luck bro. Hope you have a stress and pain free 12 days
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  3. Thanks a lot man!

    just got back.... to a massive blueberry auto (about 1.70) and a decent critical 2.0, culled 2 lemon hazes as they were not autos and had grown way way too big for me to do anything with them...

    pain was manageable with vaping (2-3 times a day, GD and the 6%oil .
    Noticed that using a pc really does it for my hands...

    I've stopped the cbd oil for 4 days now. Hands feel ify at best... Wanted to reboot and go slow and steady.
    i will start cbd probably tomorrow.
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  4. pain is at 1/10 it seems the break from normality really helped me.
    I'll let the whole week go before starting the cbd, and the smoothies.
    I am looking at which activities trigger pain, and using the mouse and keyboard must be #1 or there about.
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  5. pain is generally at 1/10, there are spikes up to 3, maybe 4 but that's it.

    I am still on cbd hiatus and will probably go some more.
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  6. Had a bit of a 5ish last night, but u have been pushing it... cleaning cooking and generally testing the limits of my new found relief.
    I am still not taking cbd oil. I've vaped a bit of cbd shatter here and there but that's it.
    i do vape weed and hash though. Usage has not increased.

    Woke up at 2/10, but given what i did yesterday, i am surprised i am not at 5/10 or even higher!
    All in all a great day!
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  7. Had some manual work yesterday. Pain did go up a bit 4/10.
    Today i am again at 1-2/10.
    No cbd oil yet. But i have had cbd shatter.
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  8. surprisingly at 1/10....
    no idea what i am doing that's working.
    Maybe a combination of everything so far!
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  9. at 2/10 no cbd yet no smoothie.
    I think the critical 2.0 auto should be finishing soon.
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  10. For a week now i have been on very low pain, max came to 3/10.
    I think that all the cbd cbda i took must have done away with the inflamation. As i can't explain no pain otherwise... btw not complaining lol just wondering what changed.

    I still am not taking CBD, or smoothies.

    I will be updating IF there's something to update on...
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  11. Pain has been relatively constant, with a spate of 5/10, after "heavy" manual work. (had to pull a boat by a rope...)
    Keyboard is definitely a hazard as is the mouse.
    During the weekend i got a 7 and maybe even a 8/10 at night. I was considering restarting the CBD oils, smoothies etc.
    I've vaped cbd shatter when i've felt the pain really called for it. I hope this latest flare up does not last long.

    Good news is i have harvested the critical 2.0; haven't weighted it yet, but i think i must be close to 20-30gr. I should be harvesting the blueberry auto soon, it looks like i'm going to get quite a bit of a haul.
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  12. Had a session with my osteopath... hands are more swollen, further up the wrists, up to elbow, seems in an effort to avoid pain i've been using my hands improperly.
    Pain is down again at a 2-3/10.

    Weighted in the critical 2.0 auto which came at 43 grams, more than what i anticipated but the buds were a bit airy... had it under hlg 60... top cola was impressive as was anything that got light, no LST, and did not really feed anything other than water for 2 months now. The training/ growing method was very much based on what @Organic sinse is doing and again my appreciation for your teachings!!!!. The critical 2.0 was stunted from the beginning, methinks germinating soil had neem cake....
    The blueberry auto on the other hand.... wow!!!Its about 5.6 i should be getting close to 100grams.. maybe more... It still probably needs a couple of weeks or 3. This is under hlg 288 v2. so i should get less airy buds.. unless it's a feeding (this too is pretty much water only for 2 months) and not a light issue we will see...

    Anyway, now at least i should have some potent pain relieving meds.

    Thanks to all the blades for sharing and making this possible!

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  13. Back from a long vacation, pain has been manageable if I avoid doing things that stress my hands.
    So fishing is a real pain, as is typing.
    I changed my mouse to a trackball and that seems to help a bit.
    I am usually 2 or 3/10 in terms of pain, it does shoot up when I use my hands freely. So moving a fully hydrated 7 gal smartie will cost me.
    I managed to get just shy of 230 grams from the blueberry auto, which is now in jars curing.
    I've popped a noname AK47 auto and a blackberry auto from fastbuds.
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  14. Got a 6/10 today on the left hand. Not sure why, i've been driving a bit lately.
    Methinks i will start the cbd oil again, but this time i will follow the protocol to find my therapeutic window, which is basically to add a drop a day; drops should be spread morning noon and evening.
    I've had cbd wax all along so when things got bad i've vaped some of that but i've run out.
    I'll be taking some GD today too.
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  15. I ve had a shity week, and today I've been at 8/10 for the half day, starting up I was a 6, but had to drive... went up to a 8-9 at times.
    Had 2 squirts of GD and i've been buzzing all day.
    I will start off at a low CBD got me a 2.5%.
    Guess there's no point in delaying it any longer.
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  16. So i've had a better weekend.
    I've got a ton of different GDs at the moment including one out of 130 grams of AVB, all of which help very much.
    i am now at 2 drops of cbd 2.5% one morning one night.
    Tomorrow i will be upping to 3 drops.
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