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    So im experimenting with osmocote plus time release fertilizer to see if I what kind of buds I can produce using nutes that probably cost less than $1 for each plant. The bottle can probably last 50 grows. I have only seen a few grows use it so I thought I would try it and let you guys know how it turns out. I will only water them with phed tap water and only add snow storm during flower.

    Osmocote Plus: 15-9-12 plus 9 other essential nutrients.
    Guaranteed not to cause nute burn. Also saw it was tested at 10x the suggested strength without causing burning. Lasts up to 6 months. $20 off Amazon


    Plants: grown under 400w mh/hps conversion lamp. MH veg HPS flower. 6 weeks old

    #1 Female Seeds White Widow x Big Bud Hempy 3 gallon bucket pure perlite with hydroton the last two inches. LST

    #2 GH Himalayan Gold Hempy 3 gallon bucket pure perlite with hydroton the last two inches. LST/Topped

    #3 Short Stuff Seeds MI5 autoflower FF Happy Frog soil 3 gallon smart pot(spent first month indoor now moving outdoors to finish)

    #4Dinafem Diesel 4 Gallon FF Happy frog soil. Topped

    All plants were feed with 1 tablespoon per gallon of medium of Osmocote plus.

    Plants are 6 weeks old just flipped lights to 12/12 today. MI5 will be put out in the woods to fend for itself.

    Only pics of Himalayan Gold and MI5 at the moment. Will take pics when lights come on later. Plants are loving the ferts right now growing bigger everyday. The mi5 looks to be a big producer for a quick autoflower.

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  2. So how do you rate Osmocote plus?

    Also, what age did you start nutes?
  3. So far my plants have loved it and are growing very well without problems.

    I started them off in rapid rooter plugs from seeds and put them in keg cups with happy frog soil with no nutes til about 2 weeks until I transfered them into there new bigger pots. The hempy ones were in mini hempy cups to start also no nutes at first.

    I will take pics now and post them later :smoke:
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    Some Pics

    I did lst on hg and wwxbb but left the diesel to grow on its own with only topping it once

    First pic from left to right mi5, Himalayan Gold, White Widow x Big Bud, Diesel

    Second Pic HG

    Third WWxBB

    Fourth Diesel

    They are very green I feed the hempy bucket ones with a half tablespoon of epson salt every other watering.

    I am very impressed with the results so far with veg now its time to see how they will do flowering. :smoke:

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  5. mi5 is now left to fend for itself in the woods.

    My auto ak47 has about a week left til harvest then they can have the light all to themselves. :smoke:
  6. Yo man....that Diesel looks great. I wish mine had lived.

    I also like the hempy buckets. I never used one when I grew inside, and seeing them used now makes me wish I had not sold my lights. Repped on that Diesel bro.....very nice.
  7. Thanks I popped the diesel at first just to try to make a bonsai tree for fun then changed my mind and wanted to grow it to take some clones and bud.

    The hempy buckets are fun to use no over watering and with the tr ferts its a no brainer just water every other day til water comes out the hole.

  8. I wonder if those HB's could be used outside? It might be worth it for me to try next season on some bagseed. I know you can make them for next to nothing.
  9. Nice I've been waiting for this!!! Nice work!
  10. Ya you can make them outside but you would have to be sure to water them every other day or they might dry out. A huge bage of perlite was $10 at my local hydro store.

    Thanks I will keep a eye on your grow as well I think I may add a few mini hempys with clones like you. I may even compare the lucas formula to the osmocote on clones to see the difference.
  11. plants looking awesome man. im growing my plants completely outside since i dont have the space to or room to set up a inside growing area. any advice you can give me to help improve my outdoor grow? ive got about 15 plants ranging from about 2 weeks to 6 weeks. for the most part ive grown them with majority topsoil with a slight mix of miracle gro because i dont want them to grow too tall before the leaves have time to develop. i havent used any ferts or nutes cause im looking for some that are not to costly but will yeild some nice plants. any positive advice id appreciated. happy growing!
  12. I have a friend who grew in mg soil and said he didnt have any problems with it. If they get to tall its best to lst them I will do it on almost all my outdoor plants it keeps them bushier with more tops and less likely to be seen.

    I will be using these tr ferts for my outside grows as well I plan on digging probably 2x2 holes and mixing it at the bottom then fill back in with half original soil and half fox farms ocean forrest but I will use just the normal soil for a few of my grows.

    I will post some pics when I do and let you guys know how it turns out. My mi5 is outdoors right now in a pot so I will see how it does should be done in less than a month. :smoke:
  13. So are you using nutes on the Hempy bucket?
    Or just the Osmocote and trace nutes?

    Lookin good btw
  14. Thanks only the osmocote I just water them every other day I will add the snow storm everyother watering when I start seeing more flowering.
  15. pedo bear
  16. welcome dvs1

    I will take some pics later today when I take them out to water them they have been growing like crazy now 2 weeks into flower :smoke:
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    Heres those pics I had to raise my light as well

    pic#1 diesel, HG, WW x BB

    pic#2 WW x BB flower this is going to be a big bud in a couple of weeks :smoking:

    pic#3 HG left WW x BB right

    Last two pics are my other grow cuz everyone loves bud shots. Auto ak47 finishing up let it go extra long 90days instead of 70 and it is covered with trics last two weeks have been 12/12 for it.

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  18. Greenbowlpacker: How did your Mi5's turn out?
  19. I checked on it yesterday its budding with the pistols changing color but hasnt packed on much weight but it hasnt been to sunny out so I think I may let it go at least a week to two weeks longer. Hopefully it will start to purple.

    I have six more that are only a week old growing I plan on putting them in 3 gallon grow bags and putting them all out on the side of this steep hill covered in sticker bushes.

    I will try and snap some pics today or tomorrow alot of budding going on with all my plants the ww x bb looks to be the best so far. :smoke:

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