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  1. The Egyptian god of the dead Osiris legend says basically that he was mummified and traveled to the sky, returned and was reincarnated. Egyptians then mummify bodies and encase them in elaborate sarcophogi and place them in a pyramid for transport.

    This got me wondering about what Osiris was.

    The elaborate preparation of he body, the placement in the body sealed in a protective chamber.

    What if the ancient egyptians are trying to mimic something they saw, something technologically advanced that they did not understand, like cryostasis systems intended for space travel?

    Just some stoned thoughts while watching history channel,,,

  2. Watching the History Channel stoned is awesome. I like watching shows about Stonehenge the most. Watching shit like that stoned gets you thinking about how different languages can have words for things we can't even understand because of our own language barriers. Who knows the true meaning of the pyramids? I don't believe thataliens built them all over the world (differences in styles and hell, the pyramid is the most stable and easiest {for ancient cultures} to build--just stacking stones on top of stones) but who knows what thoughts were going through the builders minds while they were making them.
  3. I have a book on the pyramids that says that maybe they were trying to tap some sort of "free energy". It talks about how they are set up in perfect geogetric alignment Causing magnetic feild to form between them. It really fucked up and gives you a really bad headache when you try to really understand it.
  4. there is a lot of theorizing that all religions (egyptian myth included) is inspired by ET visiting earth. maybe even started it all.

    it's a novel concept, and it do have it's merits. the egyptians were very good astronomers. they knew the cirumference of the earth thousands of years prior to modern science. they built their pyramids to be a picture image of the belt-of orion, with the nile functioning as the milkyway-streak of stars.

    but why should we look for answers in the heavens. why should we diminish ourselves so. is it not possible that we humans are genuinly able to make up our own technologies, embalming included...

    [on a side note, i do find the egyptian mythology to be the most exciting of them all. very, very interesting.]

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