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OSG's 'Golden Goodness' - Isomerized Frozen Hash Oil Crystals

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by oldskoolgrower, Apr 17, 2009.

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    I have somewhat of a background in organic chemistry, and I am always seeking better ways to extract and make usable cannabinoids. To this end I've come up with a method that makes the purest and most potent QWISO I've ever smoked.

    The key to this method is the heating phase after the initial cure. This decarboxylates the barely psychoactive THC-A into the THC we all know and love. Because it's done all in one set of steps there is none of the slow degradation to CBN and CBD that you get with slow curing. The end result is a very potent product. Those who have tried of know of 'budder' will note that for the most part this is the key to making budder; the isomerization of THC-A to THC.

    First we need the usual tools for making QWISO. I use fresh, not dried, bud and bud bits that have been frozen overnight. Using undried and frozen buds is key to making high quality hash oil, as the rest of the plant matter is barely touched by the solvent; just the resinous trichomes are affected for the most part.


    Putting the buds in a mason jar I think put just enough 91% Isopropanol in the jar to cover them. I then shake vigorously for thirty seconds. After that I strain the mess through a mesh strainer into a bowl. From there I pour it through a coffee filter into another container. Note how it's fairly clear; there is virtually no chlorophyll or compounds other than cannabinoids in the resulting liquid.


    Now we pour the liquor into a pyrex baking dish. I set it on gentle heat and let it evaporate under my kitchen vent/hood. I have a very powerful fan in my kitchen; you might want to do this outside unless you're sure of your ventillation.


    Once the QWISO has evaporated down to hash oil and it's cured overnight I put it in an oven a 220F for 15-20 minutes. I'm still playing with different durations. This is a key step to this method. During this phase the inactive THC-A loses a carboxyl group and becomes the more strongly psychoactive THC.


    Let it cool until you can handle the pyrex, then put it in as cold a freezer as you have handy for no less than 2 hours. The hash oil will freeze up and form very hard crystals.

    [​IMG] be continued in the next post.

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    Next I immediately scrape the hash oil off the glass using a fresh, sharp razor blade. It's important to be gentle and consistent in pressure but to work quickly while the oil is still brittle and frozen.


    Once it's scraped up I sometimes freeze it again depending on the ambient conditions and the consistency I'm getting. I continue to gently chop it up with the blade until I get the texture I'm looking for.


    It keeps fine at room temperature but I like to keep mine in a pill bottle in the freezer. It's easier to handle because it's a bit less sticky that way. It also keeps much better in the cold and dark. Either way it's perfect for sprinkling on bowls, bongs, into vaporizers, or onto a joint.


    EDIT - NOTE: You can also just use this like any other QWISO and just scrape it up into a ball like you would any other time. - OSG

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  3. ohhh!

    i dig this one too man.. i'm gonna have to chop some weeds up soon lol :)
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    Looks awesome, dude. :)

    I didn't know that putting it in the oven helped, too. I always just assumed to go from the dried oil on the pyrex right to scraping.

    Great method, though. I'll definitely try it whenever I get some extra bud on my hands..
  5. i have to ask you OSG.. all i hear is that heat degrades the THC when making QWISO..

    that never made much sense to me only because if adding heat to trichomes was a bad thing, then why do we get high when lighting it in order to smoke it?

    pardon the gibberish.. it's been a long day of bongs man..

  6. It's one of the 'secrets' to making budder. Budder is basically the same thing only instead of freezing and scraping it's stirred/whipped while heated to 200-220F. After it's whipped up and isomerized it's immediately frozen so it holds it's texture.
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    Heat degrades THC in the long term, and high heat destroys a certain amount of it. That's why we want to cool and freeze quickly and then store it in the freezer. Doing it this way or the way budder is made potentiates it; there isn't time for it to degrade much if at all. You'll lose more letting it cure for a week at room temperature. This actually speeds the decarboxylation to form the yummier THC isomer :D

    EDIT: I would LOVE to send a sample of this to a lab that could be trusted and that can test for the levels of various cannabinoids. I am fairly confident that it's 85%+ pure, maybe higher than that.
  8. Oh man, i gotta try some of this too :D

    Great guide man!
    I'd sit aorund and chat but i gotta head our for the rest of the day.
    Got some "business" to do :p
  9. Have a good one mate. I'm really really blasted on this gooooodness :smoking:
  10. Hows the high with that.

    You glued to the couch?
  11. Oh no. I made this one with a Sativa. It's a nice uplifting head high. I'm tired but that's just because I had a busy day :p

    That's a great thing about this kind of process. You can capture the essence of the high of a given strain. It's perfect for vaporizing or just gently kissing it with flame as a spoon topper. All the cannabinoids without all the other crap.
  12. If I ever have the resources I want to try this.

    That just looks amazing.

    First non-food item that made my mouth water.
  13. The rock candy QWISO (same recipe, different processing) is yummy looking too.


    Or 'Jolly Rancher' style ;)

  14. i'm gonna have to try after i get around to buying an oven :eek:
  15. I need to stress again that working with 91% Iso has some danger to it. The fumes alone can lead to intoxication and in extreme cases poisoning. Contrary to what some think though Iso has very low toxicity; only about twice that of the ethanol people drink.

    Iso fumes are heavier than air as well, so if you do not have good ventillation you can run into problems and even wind up with the fumes combusting.

    That all being said it's very safe to work with as long as you treat it with respect like any chemical.
  16. This looks awesome... I'm going to have to give it a try with our next harvest!
  17. Do you bring your oven upto temp then shut off and place the pyrex in the oven? or is all of the iso evapped prior to that step?

    Rock candy process next Please :D Wow... who knew I'd learn sooo much here
  18. The iso is all gone before the heat cure/isomerization phase.
  19. Excellent thread my man! I use the same steps as you for my ISO, but now must try the heating method for increased potency....thanks for the continued educaton :smoking:

    Peace - OGH

  20. Thanks. I was expecting some trolls to naysay the heat phase but it's basic chemistry 101. Prolonged exposure to heat degrades THC, but the right amount of heat at the right time just potentiates it.

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