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    Finally GC is joining the micro revolution with this new forum, so I figured this would be a good time to start a journal for my new experimental medical garden. In this space I can legally have 12 plants and my goal is to provide myself with an extra half ounce per week while staying within my plant number.

    The pictures below show the current shape of the cabinet, in the next few weeks it will be fitted with a new back piece with a new venting and exhaust system. For now it is cooled by a bathroom fan sealed into the back and the venting is accomplished by three 90 degree pvc elbows on the right side. Currently, because there are only two flowering plants the lights have been left unfinished and there is only one circulation fan instead of two. The cab dimensions are 70.5Hx15.5Dx23.75W and it is divided into two sections with only the top being utilized currently.

    The mothers I have currently are White Rhino, Strawberry Cough, and Thai/Skunk x Purple Haze. They are all medical cuts except for the Strawberry which was a gift and is no longer available. It is lower yielding, but by far my favorite strain, maybe the best tasting herb I have ever tried, the two others who still have a cut won't give it away regardless of cost, so I got tremendously lucky. Both flowering plants are Strawberry Cough, and I have 3 WR, 3SC and 1TSPH in my aerocloner (thanks Rumple :wave:).

    Due to budget and location restraints I don't currently have the ability to PH test here, and while I know this is a major problem I aim to fix, everything is looking okay so far. I have been using distilled water and feeding with one teaspoon of Tiger Bloom per gallon (had it left over from a grow several years ago, figured might as well use it). The Thai Skunk x Purple haze is being bitchy and showing signs of a cal/mag deficiency, so I might begin adding something else soon.

    The two flowering Strawberry Cough clones have been on 12 hour light for a week today, and they look very nice. I trimmed all of the lower bud sites as I want to see how big I can get the colas to grow, but I accidently trimmed one that I wanted to keep on smallest top of the 3 cola plant. I am expecting about another week of stretching and then hopefully they will build some fat colas. I would love to get seven grams, or a quarter, off each of these, but we'll see, these are the only two that will be flowered in beer cups as well, I just wanted to get a couple going once the cab was running.

    One last thing... The last house I came from, where the last mothers were kept, became infested with spider mites, so when I moved all I kept were the clones in my cloner. I spray every Monday, and it seems to have kept them at bay, this round of clones look great and they will be my first mite free plants here at my new place.

    Now that I have rambled way too much I will leave it to the pictures!

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  2. Hi, just thought I would post a quick update on my two flowering plants. They are on day 10 of flowering and looking pretty good. I am relieved because yesterday evening they were looking a little droopy, but they picked back up. Also both are continuing to stretch a little more everyday.

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  3. Alright, made it two weeks into flowering and all is looking good. The bud sites are growing and putting out crystals, and I got my first whiff of strawberry yesterday. We'll see how the buds fill in under these bulbs, but I am hoping for just a nice little cola off each of the sites.

    In other news, I found a speck of mold on one of the clones in the cloner. Since none had rooted yet, I tossed that round of clones and am doing a complete clean of the cloner and moving it to a new spot next to the cab. This will slow me down a bit, but chances are the next round will have the best taken for a vertical project that will be up soon (hint...hint).

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  4. Hey man! Those ladies are looking great! Would love to see pics of the cabinet as well! Good vibes :D
  5. Thanks for the reply! I will post pictures of the cab in a day or two, just waiting to finish installing the dayton blower. I have been running the cab with the door open during the day for the past few days to keep the temps at, or lower then 82f. I will have AC in there in the next day or so as well. Couldn't resist, here is a little day 15 bud porn.

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  6. Alright, made it to day 17. The flowering plants are looking good, they wre showing a nitrogen deficiency so their last watering and the one later today were using Grow Big for an extra shot of N. After that they will go back to Tiger Bloom until the flush. I included some shots of the cabinet since the blower may take a few more days. Enjoy the pics!

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  7. The two Strawberries are now three weeks into flowering and looking okay. As you can see in the pictures they were under nuted, and although I have been trying to catch back up they seem to keep yellowing. By the time I get some clones ready for the next setup I should have a PH meter and nutrients that aren't three years old. Anyway I would like to let these go a full eight weeks, so hopefully that won't be a problem. Enjoy the pics, their starting to get frosty!

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  8. Freakin awesome! I'm trying to pull together a micro grow for a friend of mine to help him get started... very cool!!! Are you going to keep your plants in the plastic cups throughout flowering? Also, how well did your clone machine work for ya? How many days did it take to show roots?

    Props man, that's gonna be some fire right there!!! Gotta love that Strawberry Cough...
  9. Lookin sexy ladies! Give them my love. Good vibes :smoke:

    (Pics of the cab are awesome too thanks!)
  10. imsostoned- Yeah those two will remain in beer cups until I cut them at the end. The cloner works well, my only complaint is that I should have built a bigger one so I could select clones more carefully. I would say average rooting time is about 10 days.

    No problem Doja, I will definitely keep posting pics as it changes.

    The only news is that the portable AC I bought started making all sorts of messed up noises, which I guess is better now then later, but now I'm looking at 7-9 days of no AC. Basically since I live in a rural area I have will have to order the new model to the store after I return mine today. Its been cool lately, but this means the temperatures will be more like 82-83 rather then the 75-78 the babies have been enjoying lately. This is also good news because the 11,000 BTU Portable (not powerful), will be replaced by a beastly 12,000 BTU Window unit (mad powerful), so temps won't be an issue with this and the next setup (400w Vertical Tent hint...)
  11. Okay... so everything is mediocre. The plants seem to be putting on some weight and resin, but I have been removing a lot of leaves and there is a lot of discoloration left so I know they are only doing a fraction of what they are capable of. For the next grow in this area I will have my usual nutrients and meters so it should be way better.

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  12. Lookin good! My grow is gettn all fked up lol gonna have a new box tonight hopefully woot!
  13. Do you think the discoloration could be from using a small sized container into flowering?
  14. Nah, their not rootbound, I am 90% sure they are suffering from PH lockout issues. I will say to anyone looking, NEVER USE NUTRIENTS THAT HAVE BEEN SITTING FOR OVER 3 YEARS, haha.

    All in all, I'm not too concerned, I hope they make it to 6 weeks for an early harvest, but my new area will be ready sooner then planned so these two don't matter so much. I will start a thread soon, but basically will be doing a 400w HPS vertical scrog using hempy buckets. By the start I will have new meters and definitely better nutes (maybe give Lucas System a try). I have a ton of faith in flowering under clfs in a cab, I just already have the HPS so its worth it to me to use it.
  15. Alright, so there is some news. I actually cut down the double cola because she was wilting pretty bad and I would have had to take all the fan leaves anyway, so it wasn't worth it. The triple cola looks better, it will at least make it six weeks. Here is a picture of the trident from today.

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  16. Just thought I would show a pic of the remaining babeh from today. Shes looking a bit better, and the purple is really starting to come out.

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  17. those ladies are starting to look really nice. how long do you veg the clones for before switching to 12/12
  18. These clones spent about two weeks in veg, they were topped as soon as they built a few nodes. The next round will be in veg for around three weeks and will be flowered with my 400w HPS.
  19. Alright, well I guess I'm ending this grow. Basically the cab is now going to be used for veg, mothers, and the cloner so I decided just not to finish the one remaining Strawberry. I cut it down and its drying, definitely premature, but not more then a week or 10 days from potential harvest. Here is a picture of a drying cola, be sure to check out my up and coming vertical grow!

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  20. it looks heady.... too bad you had to cut early. what was the final weight?

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