Osama not dead?

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  1. Well try on this completly unfounded conspiracy theory I just thought of. If Osama Bin Laden had been killed then it was a great fuck up on the authorities part. If Osama had been pronounced captured, people would want photos and videos as evidence. How ever if they say he's dead then they've effectively given the perfect alibi to do whatever they need to get what they want (AKA torture). If they say they gave him a burial at sea to respect muslim burial rights then they would have known the hazards of holding him hostage.

    This is why I fancy the idea of Osama being secretly "interviewed" by agents of the US. They said they saw him pop his head out of a wall and shots were fired and missed. BULLCRAP SEALs don't miss. They are killing machines and have to be nominated then only one in eight of the best of the best finish basic training. The shots at a peeping Bin Laden suggest orders to kill which are illegal :rolleyes:. Or we realize it for its possibility that it is of great importance to national security to keep him alive but officially dead.

    When I think of everything it falls into place like a cover up. The timeline for no argument, the disposal of the body, the more I think about it the more I realize how much difficulty I have in ignoring the oddities and un paradigm like behavior of the authorities. This is not how we often operate as a country and this is no ordinary criminal. But for all the life of me I can't understand how you would shoot that brain in the head. And the secret treasure trove of files wouldn't be laying around the house. They'd be hidden away from US public # 1 especially not enough would be in the compound for info.

    I fancy that Osama is being tortured illegally in covert ops to extract info while simultaneously making Al Qaeda believe his death. The SEALs have captured a number of these guys and I have no doubt they could do it to Osama.
  2. Did somebody say Pandora's?
  3. You didn't even read it? I state quite clearly that it's crazy. But the way I look at it, this secret shits happened before and unlike 911 or alien pyramid bullshit, this is alot easier to pull off and makes alot more sense. For the longest time I was wondering why they would shoot him. If I have pictures and video then I'll stop my questions. It's just too weird for me to understand after all the flip flop reports, that he was shot. Very strange order of events if you ask me.

    P.S. I don't believe in this idea I just entertain it's possibility.
  4. He's dead dude... Whether it was last week or 5 years ago... He's dead.

  5. Or politics. I don't see what would put this in Pandora's. There are many different reasons why it would suck to admit you caught Bin Laden. This is in politics and not pandora becuase it's a huge political issue, not a smelly vagina or S & M issue.

  6. We'll see, conspiracy threads have been assigned to Pandora's for the past year or two.
  7. I wouldn't necessarily call this a conspiracy, just more of the government keeping the truth from the people that pay their salaries and in turn manipulating the weak minded aka majority of America. If we don't ask questions, they have no reason to talk about the subjects. I'm a skeptic too, but i have a hard time believing that they wouldn't kill the sob the moment they saw him, most military men are fucked up in the head already. Sorry to anyone that is, but it's just my experience as a civilian, even my cousins who joined the army and marines have distanced themselves from me because i always question their antics and they have no real answers. It's too engrained in our culture, kinda bullshit too because our military is supposedly "publicly owned."
  8. I dont think you are too far fetched. This theory is deffinently one I have considered as well and do not think for a moment it is out of the realm of possibility.
  9. I wish that they had caught him, pronounced him dead, and pressured him to talk to get answers, but I don't think it happened that way. They would not have declared him dead until he expired at Guantanamo, or wherever they were holding him.

    Nice theory, but not realistic in this case.

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