Osama died in 2001

Discussion in 'Politics' started by budsmokn420, May 3, 2011.

  1. FOXNews.com - Report: Bin Laden Already Dead - U.S. & World

    Lol this is hilarious. Osama has been dead for 10 years. This is just to to avert attention from other things and to get Obama elected again.

    Notice how the media put this in for every single report on every channel:

    "folks we are being told this was plan B. They could have dropped bombs and killed osama, but there would have been little left. Obama went the for plan B to make sure he was dead and he wanted proof! He made the right decision! Yea obama!"

    Please...these fictional stories the gov. Makes up get funnier and funnier lol
  2. What's worse is the public blindly accepting whatever big brother tells them without question..too sad
  3. i agree its pretty ridiculous man, i have zero faith in what our government tells me, too bad so many people are brainwashed into buying every bs story the media calls news

  4. what he just linked was a BS news source.


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