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    Hey,I want to travel/live somewhere else for a bit next year and combine my interest in medical marijuana. I live in Australia at the moment where Marijuana is completely illegal. The question i am asking is, if you can get a job in a legal grow op/dispensary/cafe either in America or somewhere in Europe, ie; Amsterdam. I would have to get a Working Visa, but I am unsure if you are allowed to work in the ganja industry if you are not a citizen in that country.Any replies/help greatly appreciated! Cheers cam!
  2. I'm not saying one or the other, but I've never heard that. My wife used to be a resident alien until she got her citizenship.
    Here in the U.S. I'm pretty sure all they want is to tax your income. I honestly don't think they give a shit how you earned it as long as they're able to take a piece of it.
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    Fir dispensaries in California you get paid under the table (youre "volunteering") unless you own the joint then you get taxed and all that.

    But you could be a lab examier. My friend's dad was and basically hed check the quality of all the nugs before they were able to be.sold in the dispensary.

    That was a legit job in which he was paid in checks and taxed and all that.

    Colorado and Washington now, im pretty interested in how it goes over there.

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