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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by waterhurley, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. well i was cleaning my car searching for the 3 10mg valiums my buddy dropped and i came accross these 2 white pills i havent ever seen before. they are whit and round andhave prints on them. when i looked them up, turns out the pills are orphenadrine citrate 100mg (noraflex)

    did some googling (since erowid didnt have anything) and couldnt find much about them. they look like a weak flexeril. would popping those things with some valiums would fuck me up more?

    they seem to be a known booster for opiates.

    alsoif i pop2 of those, 1 naproxen, and say 2 10mg vics id get fucked? normally 20mg of vic is just enough to take the edge off. i usually need atleast 30-40mg to feel a good buzz... but since im short on vics i figured id try to potinate them with what i got.

    never herd of orphenadrine before
  2. dude if you can't find anything on google or erowid, chances are you won't find anything here either. if you're gonna do it (which we all know you will), let us know what goes down.
  3. u know me all too well. ill prolly pop them and pop a vic or 2 and mybe a valium, then i should be feelin gooood.

    gotta wait for thr addy towear off. dont wanna be speedballin
  4. just take it sleezy brotha
  5. This post has no information pertaining to this thread.:p

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  6. Let us know how it goes.
  7. got FUCKED up. never nodded so hard on just a few perc 5's. i did everything imaginable to potinate the opiates. toke the 2 pills, 3 valiums, 2 klonopins and 3 percs. and FUCK. last night was good

    passed out at my buddies house in his chairtill about 8am
  8. Mine either...

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