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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by burnuporlando, May 12, 2010.

  1. was taken with cell, will give you some better pics later...
    this is the stash jar where from everybag a little goes in...

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  2. that is a very healthy amount of dank you got there my man
  3. this is why i love orlando :) actually looks like some i got the other week :O you're probably right near me :p
  4. Looks like some kill.

    Great first post :wave:
  5. what part of orlando you reppin homie?
  6. ok lets see here is some from the cam, i will do the actual pic size tom and the diff strands...

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  7. ehhh the rest need to be cropped or crompressed will do tom...
  8. nice nice that's where imma be when i get older forsure
  9. You might be close to me, Im more towards UCF. Leme get some of that purple shit...:smoking:

    Nice bud tho, I do the same thing except I only put like .8g-1g nugs in mine
  10. if you meant me im further it takes me bout 5-10 to get downtown 15-20 to get to ucf
  11. ya im a good 20min on 417 / 408 to get to downtown.

    but foreal those purple nugs on top look nicee
  12. #13 burnuporlando, May 12, 2010
    Last edited: May 12, 2010
    ok lets see what we got...
    the first is chemo ( i am told a hybrid of chemdawg and i forgot the other plant) I will say it is probably the most potent I ever had though. The inside are just those packets of crystals, when i go tthe bag, it looked like a half 1/8 of seeds ln the bottom it was just thc pockets)
    send is big wreck (big bud x trainwreck)
    last purp kush

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  13. nyc deseil

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  14. some silver haze

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  15. you're in maitland/winter park area :p

    you're probably in casselberry area? lol

    just having some fun guessing where you guys are because i'm about 10-15 minutes to downtown and about 25-30 minutes from UCF :p

    p.s. To answer the Orlando Sentinels question, yes, the series will end in a sweep!!! GO MAGIC!!! YEAHHH BUDDDYYYYY!!!!!
  16. purp kush

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  17. i'm 5 minutes from ucf and 15 from downtown.

    some good looking buds you posted OP. its always good to see my orlando people on here

  18. haha hell nahh i live in southwest orlando

    winter garden / dr phillips area

    i live 5 mins from universal

    i would say good guess but i dont like winter park those are rivals lol
  19. vcc west over here.. garbAGE as always. nice seeing its still around here.. juyst not me! .. ;p

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