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Original Reefers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BoNgBoY4LiFe, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. i've only been posting here for about two months now but i just want to say i'm loving it. there are some of the coolest people i'll ever meet at this forum. if only the rest of the world could just see that all marijuana users aren't some highschool junkies smoking in their parents basement they would have a lot more respect for us. this site has gave more a whole new prospective of smoking and made me realize that so many marijuana users can grow up and be just as succesfull if not more then some one who doesn't smoke. so i just want to say that you guys and girls are probably the most interesting and friendliest people i will ever meet and i'm glad i found this site.
  2. mwuahahah!! another sucked into our trap.

    soon we will have all the followers we need, then we can release our underground army of basement junkies !!!
  3. I was thinking about that exact thing this morning. I actually discovered this site long before I was a regular smoker, and it totally changed my views of pot and people who smoke it. You know, I can't think of ANYWHERE else in society where literally thousands of people are so close and friendly, and yet so tolerant of one another. How many times on this site have you seen a real argument that actually lasted more than 2 posts? I know it has happened, but still, very few and far between. Ofcourse I realize a lot of that has to do with the EXCELENT modding going on here, but still. I have never seen people so understanding of points of view other than their own. I think thats why I spend so much time here. This place is a role model for all of society.

  4. welllll, thank you....:)
    were glad ya found it too.

  5. yes, we all have to admit, this site gives us a purpose to use our computers :D. Yes, I have to say, this is one of the finest communitys i have been a part of. And for that, I ignite this J to you! Heres to (TOOOOOKE!)

  6. I'll toke to that! :smoke:
  7. yeah man.. this site is wicked. I found it a long while ago while looking for pipes and such on the net, but didnt know about the forum part of it. then a while later my friend told me about the forum part, and i was like "i remember this site". I check it everyday now, if i get the chance... great community of stoners.
  8. You guys are the only adult 'conversation' i get in the daytime or in fact most nights! Thankyou all for amusing my thoughts over the last few months! Great bunch of chaps, if i do say so myself!
    x x x
  9. For sure this site is the shit, and always will be the shit. I don't know who I would ask my stupid reefer questions if I didn't have you guys!
  10. awesome!! :D yeah we good people :)
  11. everyone does there part to make Gc what it is... if it wasn't for everyone...there would be nothing... rock on... :D
  12. gravys been into the "goodstuff" again ;)

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