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  2. Well just joined up recently. Thought i'd post this here and see what people think. Gimmie Reviews. Tell me what you think plesae. Rat Park. Prolly the most completed out of the recordings. Really good, is just a randon Recording of my other guitarist in NY. Good drums and guitar work though. Also Noble Execution is mine. Just an instramental at the moment. There a couple of more there on the page. So if you like, rate and tell me what you think 8).
  3. So kersplash, I love your style. Deffinatly a newish kind of blend of music. I love that Psychadelic jazz/rock combo. Very Intriguing. Keep playing man. Cant wait to see what else you can do 8).

  4. well we be jammin sometime today and i will try to get the fresh jams up asap

  5. Niice 8).

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