Original Kaos

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  1. Got this OG Kaos bong from a local head shop, it isn't the most powerful, since it doesn't have a beaker bottom, though the downstem does have 6 diffusers and that's enough for me. I'll probably invest in an ash catcher with a perc later, but for now this piece gets me ripped and hits extremely smoothly. You can pack so much ice its ridiculous, and the glass is thick, making this piece a good party bong




    While there's better pieces on the market, I chose this one because it's just a nice piece overall and looks great
  2. looks pretty nice man, only thing is i would put way less water in, to just a little above the slits in the downstem.
  3. I used to do that but it hits much smoother with more water, then again you sacrifice room for smoke so either way is good I guess

  4. Yeah dude, didn't mean to come off as a dick. Personal preference ftw. :smoke:
  5. Nice bong bro. Straight tubes are much better IMO and the rasta theme is cool.
  6. thanks man, and yeah whoever painted it/designed the decorations did a great job

    it's actually derived from this I suppose:

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