Original ideas for appliance grows.

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Stadashic, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Just wondering if anyone had some good ORigniAL ideas for random appliances that would be convenient to turn into a grow box, like how people grow inside fridges because its pretty convenient to convert.

    Also useful parts inside appliances or electronics that could be used to grow. Like Computer Fans being commonly used for ventilation.

    New to site (just made account) I do commonly read threads on here that pop up on Google searches couldn't find one like this, but if this topic has already been covered by another thread, you could post the link.
  2. i don't think it would be that difficult to convert an older project style big-screen tv into a fairly stealthy grow box. i actually started on one, but didn't get to finish it because my dad burned it because he didn't know i was gonna use it...lol
  3. He yeah that would have been great very stealthy and plenty of room.
  4. Microwaves possibly, for starting seedlings, old speakers, computer fans, back of a toliet (preferably not used), phone chargers, speaker wires for homemade connections, perhaps video game console fans, Large bookcase with books but behind it is your grow op, soda cans for relfection. Sealed appliances such as speaker systems that no longer work that are emptied out and used for hydroponics. Thats all I got, most of those are a stretch
  5. ive bin playing with the idea of using a older arcade cabinet for a grow box. And it be able to play Mame games also
  6. Best I've seen, is a 10 feet refrigerated shipping container, on the back of an old truck, temps are stable, you're mobile, and you are a great road block if being pursued by the cops....lol
    But really, thats what I just love about this forum....you gotta be a McGyver ...lol

    years ago I made my own PC type fans outta 4v toy motors and model aircraft propellers
    ..kept cutting my fingers ...lol


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