Original, Creative, Hard Rock/garage Rock Demos (Neil Young/radiohead/floyd Influenced)

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  2. look into getting a Line 6 Guitarport. it is an interface that allows you to plug your guitar into a computer and it is loaded with presets. any sound youre looking for you can find it using this. its what i use for guitar when im recording.
    i found a GOOOOOD ass deal on one on ebay. i got mine for like $100 but this one is used and for $32
    i use mine every day and i love it more and more. its small too so its fantastic on space

    heres the link for the one on ebay
    but anyways your song was good. it was off tempo on the drums though. it could use some lyrics but other then that, good job!  :metal:
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  4. i like ur set up man lol very similar to mine. i even use FL Studio as well (least im assuming thats what is on ur monitor) but yea hahah i use the guitar port and was able to find amazing sounds! and you can easily configure the settings to make it studio quality. ill check out ur other tunes right now haha
    but yeah this is the sound i go for and my set up allows me to achieve that sound perfectly. mind checking out my video?

    PS the guitarport works great for microphones and bass guitars as well! if it has an instrument cable, your golden. hzaha
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  6. lol yea i use FL 11. its annoying to use a drum machine but its all i got hahaha.

    and thanks for the feedback! and yeah im not the best vocalist but id rather release a song with vocals rather then an instrumental ya know? lol and yea everyone has their musical preferences. i actually didnt do that solo lol im not THAT good at guitar. i had my buddy come in to record that, but everything else in the song was made by me. if i had like a LEGIT studio, id be making more complex songs but im kinda restricted because of FL. but hey ive been doing this since i was 11 so gotta make the best of it you know? hahaha  :smoke:

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